Dimming with LED

Controllable lighting with dimmable LED drivers

LED lighting can be controlled in many ways, usually with DALI or simple switch. Our DALI-2 and DALI LED driver offering is designed for energy-efficient, long-lasting, and high-quality professional dimming applications that can be controlled by any DALI network providing vast benefits of dimmable LED lighting to end-users. The portfolio has controllable drivers from 25 W to 150 W with various output current and protection options.
iC LED drivers for Tunable White can be used with DALI Type 8 (Dt8) commands to control color temperature and intensity, bringing the Human Centric Lighting where it is needed.
For independent dimmable LED lighting and tunable white control, Helvar’s Switch-Control, Switch-Control 2, and Direct Control enabled drivers provide a valuable option. For smooth and atmospheric lighting experience, Helvar’s Push to Fade enabled drivers offer additional fading effects between different lighting states, easily controlled with a simple push-button.

Dimming technologies

What are the different dimming methods in LED drivers?

We have a passion for the best quality light output, and we’ve been developing dimming methods to reach those goals. Our latest DALI-2 drivers are using amplitude dimming technology for completely flicker-free LED dimming. Filtered dimming and hybrid dimming technologies combine different methods to reach steady dimming and quality of light. How the dimming methods differ from each other? How is amplitude dimming different from hybrid dimming?  Here you can study more about our solutions for the best quality dimming for different solutions.

Flicker-free amplitude dimming for highest quality LED dimming

Amplitude dimming is your choice, when you need absolute zero flickering in your LED lighting at the lowest dimming levels. Our DALI-2 drivers with amplitude dimming technology ensure visually flawless, safe LED lighting.

Helvar amplitude dimming* DALI-2 controllable LED drivers offer the best available technology for dimming the light output in an accurate and flicker-free way. Amplitude dimming implements a technique for adjusting the DC supply for the LED modules stably all the way down to 1 %. This means visually flawless light output that does not pose any risk to human eyesight or camera recording applications, and naturally complying with e.g. IEEE 1789-2015 standard about minimizing flicker. Amplitude dimming ensures constant light levels in all situations and lighting environments.

Dimming curve with amplitude dimming by Helvar

* also known as Constant Current Reduction, CCR


Unique filtered dimming feature

Filtered dimming is a combination of some best practices of two dimming methods. Our filtered dimming meets the IEEE 1789-2015 standard ensuring safe dimming at the full 1% to 100% dimming range without potential flicker-induced impairments.

Our filtered dimming technology takes the linear amplitude* dimming safely all the way down to 3%. From 3% to 1% the dimming is filtered, stabilizing output and decreasing the modulation index drastically. With these products, you achieve extremely high-quality light output even at the lowest dimming levels. This unique feature creates flicker-free, safe lighting according to IEEE 1789-2015 standard.  To meet even the highest standards for light quality, the modulation frequency between 1 % and 3 % dimming levels is as high as > 2 kHz.

Filtered dimming is combining best LED dimming practises

* also known as Constant Current Reduction, CCR


Enhanced hybrid dimming technologies for better light quality

Helvar offers a selection of LED drivers with unique dimming capabilities to ensure safe, healthy, and high-quality lighting at the full 1% to 100% dimming range.

Helvar hybrid dimming products combine the best features from linear amplitude* dimming and from Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) dimming. Amplitude dimming is a very efficient technique for dimming the light output, especially on higher range. On the lower range, the hybrid dimming products implement high-frequency PWM dimming to ensure high quality dimming from 20 % down to 1 %. With our latest products, the dimming range from 10% to 20% performs on 8 kHz, and the dimming range from 1% to 20% on 1 kHz – 8 kHz, accordingly.

Hybrid dimming combines CCR + PWM dimming methods

* also known as Constant Current Reduction, CCR

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Helvar iC Product range for Tunable White

Tunable White colour temperature control

Our iC LED drivers for Tunable White can be used with DALI Type 8 (Dt8) commands to control colour temperature and intensity, bringing the Human Centric Lighting where it is needed.

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Simple lighting control without DALI

Our LED drivers offer various methods to control light levels along with DALI. These following features are excellent for simple lighting control needs; such as single rooms, corridors, classrooms, or luminaire-based control. See also our solutions for wireless lighting control.
Switch-Control 2

Lighting control made simple

Our Switch-Control 2 and first-generation Switch-Control enabled LED drivers provide a valuable option for installations without DALI. Switch-Control drivers are directly connected to the mains switch, and can be managed to change dimming levels, and color temperature, with a simple retractive switch.


Direct Control

Easiest luminaire-based control possible

Helvar’s innovative Direct Control behaves much like the Switch-Control. However, the control is more straightforward: Instead of using the mains voltage, a simple retractive switch is connected to the Iset / LED-Iset terminal of Direct Control enabled LED drivers. Direct Control is an ideal solution for easy-to-use luminaire-based switches, such as pull cord or local dimming push buttons.

Push to Fade

Turn lighting into an experience

Helvar’s Push to Fade technology is an additional fading effect, dimming smoothly between different light levels. Push to Fade is an easy and cost-efficient way to enhance the lighting comfort and atmosphere in commercial, hospitality or residential lighting. Push to Fade technology is built into a selection to our dimmable LED drivers and needs just a simple retractive switch to create the dimming effect.

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