Single room, entire floor — or much more?

Helvar systems are designed to be open. When you choose us, you’re investing in scalable and future-proof kit. That means almost everything we make is compatible. But to help you find what you need more easily, we’ve grouped our range into four families.
Do you want lighting control for one room? A whole floor? Or across an entire building, cruise liner or campus? That’s the first question we ask.

Find the solution that’s right for you


ActiveAhead is a new kind of system. It doesn’t need to be programmed — it learns by itself from day one.


For easy standalone luminaire based applications


Tailor intelligent lighting control with this programmable DALI-based system.


From energy-efficient offices to world-famous architectural sites, our router system’s made for scale and flex.
  • “Helvar’s service has been second to none on this project. They’ve been a pleasure to deal with and always go above and beyond to accommodate the client’s wishes. Glackin Electrics would 100% use Helvar again and potentially look forward to doing so in the future”

    Conán Brown – Glackin Electrics
    Design Engineer/Contracts Manager
  • “Helvar is an easy system to work with and you receive good back up from engineers so we would use them for future projects”

    Alan Kavanagh – Steane Ltd
    Mechanical and Electrical Site Manager
  • “The DALI lighting control system provided was more complex than usual due to integration requirements with 3rd party systems, however thanks to the excellent service and expertise provided by Helvar, these complexities were overcame and PC was achieved. Helvar then further supported the client by means of post PC assistance to ensure a smooth transition from handover to occupancy. I look forward to working with Helvar again on the next project.”

    James Moxham – Derry Building Services Ltd
    Electrical Project Manager
  • “Assemblin has great experiences from working with Helvar. We chose Helvar for this installation as we are familiar with their products and our own personnel, who are trained by Helvar, can commission our projects”

    Janne Ekqvist – Assemblin
    Project Manager
Professional-level software for lighting engineers. The smartest way to commission, design and program Helvar systems.

Helvar routers are the building blocks for the world’s most powerful lighting control. Designer™ helps you harness their magic. They’ll always work straight from the box. But if you want to reveal their true force, call on the latest DALI Type 8 protocol.

Presence detection, constant light monitoring and building management system (BMS) integration are just the basics. Every Helvar router can operate one or two DALI subnets containing 128 control devices and load interfaces in total.

It’s a gateway to vast possibilities. Using Ethernet I/O commands, you’ll have the flexibility and scalability to tackle record-breaking applications. With energy efficiency and human wellbeing at their heart. From a small standard office to the world’s biggest cruise ship, it’s the last word in lighting intelligence.

Download our free iPhone or Android app. Take fingertip control of router systems through Wi-Fi.

Call up and modify lighting scenes. Update multiple lighting groups in one go. Even manage RGB colour and tunable white luminaires — from this simple, customisable interface.

Let the people who see the lights control the lights. With this PC or tablet-based app.

uSee gives non-experts real power. It lets anyone adjust lighting scenes and create energy use reports through a simple, intuitive interface.

There’s no Designer programming involved. The app scans your lighting system’s Designer settings and translates them into English at a tap.

Compare our lighting control solutions

From luminaire components and simple switching standalone solutions, to full lighting control management systems, Helvar’s lighting controls help you easily achieve the level of control you require. Compare our lighting control solutions:




Easy to install
Out of box functionality
Luminaire based sensors
Ceiling mounted sensors
Basic configuration
Advanced configuration
Occupancy detection
Constant light
Load interfaces to suit any load type
Scene setting
Tunable white/ colour control
Timelock control & event scheduling
Graphical user interface
Automatic energy test and reporting
System integration