5630 ActiveAhead Sense

5630 ActiveAhead Sense

  • Product family: ActiveAhead
  • Mounting: Luminaire, ceiling
  • PIR motion sensor, Light Sensor

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Small powerful self-learning ActiveAhead Node to build into a luminaire. Operates the luminaire according to continuous learning and optionally configured settings. ActiveAhead Nodes form a low-energy Bluetooth Mesh network through which they share information; e.g., on the detected changes in their vicinity. Datasheet
  • Operation

    • Current consumption (mA): 0
    • Mounting, more information: Luminaire mounted

  • Detection

    • Detection Angle (°): 0
    • Nominal mounting height (m): 0
    • Detection diameter (m): 0

  • More information

    • Continuously learns about changes in the vicinity
    • Keeps the lighting at ideal level
    • Connects to the Bluetooth Mesh network

  • Downloads & Links
Fine-tune the ActiveAhead 2018 solution with the mobile application. The application is available for approved mobile devices (iPhone 4s / iPad 3rd gen / Android 4.4 onwards) equipped with Bluetooth low energy. With the mobile application you can configure single luminaire, group or network of luminaires.
User guide
  • Product family: ActiveAhead 2018
  • Mounting: Luminaire
  • PIR motion sensor, Light Sensor