ActiveAhead App

ActiveAhead App

Configure and adjust the ActiveAhead solution with the mobile application. The application is available for approved mobile devices (iOS 12.0 / Android 8.0 onwards) equipped with Bluetooth low energy. With the mobile application you can configure and manage parameters, grouping, wall panels, etc.
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Android application to test the ActiveAhead luminaires at the end of the luminaire production line.
Batten mounted IP65 rated sensor to be used with the ActiveAhead Nodes in rough environments; such as, parking garages. Offers the ActiveAhead Nodes eyes to detect changes which enable the unique ActiveAhead self-learning. Used inside an ActiveAhead luminaire together with the ActiveAhead Node.
  • Product family: ActiveAhead
  • Mounting: Luminaire
  • PIR motion sensor, Light Sensor
  • Operation
    • Current consumption (mA): 0
    • Mounting, more information: Luminaire mounted
    • IP Rating options: IP65
  • Detection
    • PIR motion sensor
    • Light Sensor
    • Detection Angle (°): 97
    • Nominal mounting height (m): 2.5
    • Detection diameter (m): 5.7
  • Operating Conditions

    • Current consumption (mA): 0
    • Mounting, more information: Luminaire mounted
    • Max load (A): 0
    • IP Rating options: IP65

  • More information
    • Downloads & Links
    Helvar Niagara 4 compatible driver provides a feature rich graphical user interface and seamless building integration to projects. The Helvar Tridium driver allows connectivity to other building systems and enables a cutting edge user interface with the power of the Niagara platform.
    • Product family: Imagine
    • App functionality: Integration