LC-SR-MINI-B Click-on strain relief for LED drivers

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  • Plastic-encased and robust resistors for adjusting the LED driver current output
  • Compact size to fit inside strain reliefs
  • Basic isolated
  • Helvar LED-Iset resistors are adjusted to follow the LEDset current/resistance settings values
  • Suitable only for LED-Iset or LEDset drivers
  • This easy to assemble click-on strain relief can be used together with a LED driver when the driver needs to be safely installed outside of a luminaire.
  • Robust and easy construction
  • Interconnection cable between Freedom LED driver and the Freedom Node.
  • Available as 15 cm, 30 cm, 45 cm, 90 cm and 150 cm variants
  • White cable with MOLEX-MOLEX-connectors suited for the Freedom products
  • Required when building Freedom solution with Freedom LED driver and Freedom Node