Galataport, Istanbul


Immensely scalable lighting for an extraordinary urban transformation

Given the size and nature of this giant complex, Galataport is a fantastic example of the breadth of scale achievable with a DALI lighting solution. Built on approximately 400,000m², the project area is large enough to contain 53 football fields!

Project background
Galataport is a modern port and urban transformation project taking place in Istanbul Turkey, completed in June 2022, courtesy of Helvar Partner, Elekon Energy Systems.
The port project is located on the shore along Istanbul’s Karaköy district, and will host several arts centers, a world-class cruise terminal, hotels and various boutiques, cafes and restaurants, along with office spaces. The terminal includes a port space capable of providing services for the world’s largest vessels, a passport terminal, check-in areas and large-scale waiting rooms.
It is being jointly built by Turkey’s Doğuş Group and Bilgili Holding, with an investment of $1.7 billion (TL 14.77 billion).
Galataport Istanbul, which sets an example for similar projects in the world, has a terminal constructed underground with a special cover system, the first of its kind in the world.
Feature-rich integrated lighting
Within the scope of the Project, which includes the World’s First Underground Cruise Terminal, both DALI and on/off controlled luminaires were used in Tuesday Market, Package Post Office and Terminal buildings.
Emergency routing luminaires (EXIT) and emergency luminaires used in the whole project are DALI controlled, and regular function and duration tests will be automatically performed and reported on the system.
Control will be made according to the astronomical time clock in the facade and landscape areas. The relevant place can be illuminated as needed via virtual buttons/sliders to be placed on the GUI software, where a scheduling feature can also allow changes to time hours, if desired.
Project requirements:
1 x Helvar 920 Router
241 x Helvar 910 Router
67 x Helvar 905 Router166 x Helvar 498 (8x16A Relay Unit)
66 x Helvar 494 (4x10A Relay Unit)
In general usage areas, lighting scenarios will be made according to the time clock. By controlling the entire campus from a single point, operating costs have been significantly reduced.
DALI-based lighting control was an obvious choice for Galataport, due to its potential for creating infinitely scalable lighting systems with ease – and for a project of this size, this was a key factor when considering future developments.
Since the area will host several arts centers, a world-class cruise terminal, hotels and various boutiques, cafes and restaurants, along with office spaces, it’s essentially a small town running on DALI!