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Can lighting aid recovery time in hospitals?

  • 14 ноября, 2019

Author: Jason Donaghue A key aim of the health service is to look after people who are usually at their most…


Lighting and Artificial Intelligence

  • 1 ноября, 2019

Author: Omar Nasir The lighting industry has undergone major transformative changes in recent times. These include the evolution of the light…


Junction Hackathon: Making Spaces Brighter with Radar Technology

  • 23 октября, 2019

Author:Henri Juslen Light creates life. Yes, that is the truth, but let´s not go so far. When thinking about indoor environments,…


Lighting and its role in increasing guest experience in hotels

  • 30 сентября, 2019

Author: Michael Kelsey It’s important to understand how the right light can be used in different environments. For instance, in a…


Can lighting really improve student performance?

  • 16 августа, 2019

Author: Raymund McGrath  Lighting for Education Modern teaching spaces are flexible, interactive and often mixed-use spaces. Lighting solutions should, therefore, seamlessly integrate into…


The Future of Lighting in Offices

  • 12 июля, 2019

Daryl Whiffen • Lighting Intelligence Sales Manager • Helvar Most of us work indoors in an office environment. Lighting plays a…


Artificial Intelligence and Creativity

  • 21 апреля, 2019

During the last few decades, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has helped us perform tasks that seemed nearly impossible just a few years ago. Tasks ranging from detection of cancer to understanding human language.


Light for Innovations — Learnings from Leonardo

  • 15 апреля, 2019

Henri Juslén • Chief Future Illuminator • Helvar The Renaissance humanism approach did not separate sciences and the arts. Leonardo da…


Getting more women into the technology industry

  • 10 февраля, 2019

Women have come far but not far enough Women have come a long way in the workplace, breaking down stereotypical views…