Women have come far but not far enough

Women have come a long way in the workplace, breaking down stereotypical views about what roles we can or should do. However, studies say that, in the UK, women make up only 17% of the technology workforce. This is because not enough women are choosing to go into the field of technology.

More needs to be done from an early age

This gender gap starts at a very young age. Research shows that only 27% of female students said they would consider a career in technology, compared with 61% of males. Fewer women considering a career in technology – or even studying the subject – means that employers have a smaller pool of women to recruit from.

The technology industry and schools need to get together and do more to show young women that they are completely capable of shining in this industry.

All teachers, right down to early years, should be retrained to ensure they view boys and girls in the same way and encourage them all to excel in the same subjects.

Celebrate women in tech

Role models are important – young people look up to and admire them. Unfortunately, we don’t have as many famous women working in technology as we do men, and there is a general misconception that ‘Tech is for guys’.

We must get more women into the industry, but in the meantime, we need to learn to celebrate the women who are already in the field. Women are achieving great things in technology – let’s publicise it! Let’s encourage the technology industry to recognise women as a key asset and not just something they need to ‘add on’.

And, finally – go for it!

A few words from me to all the girls and young women out there thinking, ‘Should I?’, ‘Can I?’ … Yes, you should! Yes, you can!

Go for it – full throttle. Grab opportunities. Create opportunities. The tech world has so much to offer – if you get into it with an open mind, you can pretty much become anything you want. You can break the stereotypes and flourish by learning new skill sets and challenging yourself. Keep learning and keep evolving. Create a strong tribe of people around you, with whom you can learn, grow and stay nurtured. And soon, more women will be breaking new ground in technology.

Lakshmi Keerthi