University of Bath

Bath, United Kingdom

As part of a wider refurbishment scheme, systems integrator FAB Controls has installed a Helvar control system at the University of Bath.


The project included existing facilities and a new build extension at the campus with lighting controls being an essential part of the upgrade. The project required an intuitive system that would link together the lighting infrastructure in each building with a view to saving on emissions, and lowering the university’s energy spend. The challenge was to connect the separate structures using a single lighting control system. The system needed to be effectively managed from a central location by the university’s facilities team and would cover general teaching areas, lecture theatres, student accommodation, academic buildings, communal areas, the student union centre and Parade Bar.


“We selected Helvar DALI because its ability to integrate with any luminaire connected to the system. In addition we required integration into the university’s audio visual system for automatic scene setting and we are delighted with the finished system,” says Richard Hughes, Electrical Service Manager at the University. “The significant savings in energy will help us achieve our wider efficiency targets as well as saving us tens of thousands of pounds over the life of the installation.”


To meet the carbon reduction commitments of the university, the success of the installation has been measured, largely, against its energy saving credentials. The Helvar control system has rendered an average drop in consumption of 30% and, facilitated by DALI’s compatibility, an extensive LED rollout has been put in place to maximise energy reduction. Through effective pre-sets, the Helvar system has each fitting working at a maximum of 80 % to extend lamp-life and reduce energy.

This feature also reduces the manpower required for prior levels of active maintenance and via the programming setup, further savings have been extracted with many scenes set to operate every other light fitting, thus halving the output. The installation at Bath showcases how the wide-scale deployment of a Helvar control system can make significant savings to the energy spend of an organisation or educational facility. The particulars of the Bath project also highlights how a central control platform is not just for a single or series of connected buildings but can be implemented across a network of locations which are not joined to impact heavily, and positively, on spent energy.


Presence Detection, Tunable White, Daylight Harvesting, Scene Selection, Automation


panels, routers, dimmers

Bath, United Kingdom