THY Mega Cargo Building


Bringing smart DALI lighting to a mega cargo building

Offering service to 127 countries and being the fastest-growing air cargo brand around the world, Turkish Cargo has been carrying out the air cargo transportation operations of Turkish Airlines, the “rising star” of Turkey, since 1933.

With the aim of making Istanbul the logistics center of the world and the intersection point of air cargo traffic, the triumphant air cargo brand plans to operate direct flights to 120 destinations by 2023. This project is built on an area of ​​165,000 m² at Istanbul Airport, and oversees all cargo operations from this central hub. DALI controlled luminaries were used throughout the project, which is one of the few mega cargo buildings in the world. All areas that receive daylight are controlled with the help of movement and daylight sensors, helping to achieve significant energy savings.


Image credits: Turkish Cargo


These movement and daylight sensors also enable a variety of customised lighting scenarios in the closed office spaces, which can be easily adjusted for user comfort, for example. When desired, the time and daylight values ​​of these sensors can be configured through the GUI. Additionally, all emergency routing (EXIT) and emergency call types used in the project are DALI controlled, and regular function and duration tests are automatically performed and reported on the system.
By controlling the entire campus from a single point, operating costs are reduced, the status of the system can be easily monitored with alarm/fault reports, and direct intervention can be made at the time of alarm/fault.
In addition, energy consumption is monitored via the GUI software, and daily, monthly and annual consumed energy values ​​are reported.
Instant fault monitoring and massive energy savings are key to running this project as sustainably as possible. Ensuring uptime at all times of the day means ensuring smooth operations for the 160,000+ flights per year that this mega cargo building must tend to.
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