3021 Active+ Sense Wide Lens

3021 Active+ Sense Wide Lens

  • Produktfamilj: ActiveAhead 2018
  • Montering: Armatur, tak
  • PIR-rörelsesensor, Ljussensor

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  • Produktfamilj: ActiveAhead
  • Montering: Armatur
  • PIR-rörelsesensor, Ljussensor
  • Detektion

    • PIR-rörelsesensor
    • Ljussensor
    • Detektionsvinkel (°): 97
    • Nominell monteringshöjd (m): 2.5
    • Detektion diameter (m): 5.7


    • Strömförbrukning (mA): 0
    • Montering, mer information: Armatur, monterad
    • Max. last (A): 0
    • IP-klassningsalternativ: IP65

The ActiveAhead wireless networking capable control unit has a pre-programmed software to continuously learn and operate the luminaire accordingly. ActiveAhead control units form a low-energy Bluetooth mesh network through which they share information; e.g., on the detected changes in their vicinity. ActiveAhead Control Unit does not work with the ActiveAhead Generation 2 products. Datablad
Mounting accessory to mount the 5630 ActiveAhead Sense multi sensor to a recessed ceiling. Datablad