5630 ActiveAhead Sense

5630 ActiveAhead Sense

Extremely small multi sensor to be used with the ActiveAhead Nodes. Offers the ActiveAhead Nodes eyes to detect changes which enable the unique ActiveAhead self-learning. Can be used inside an ActiveAhead luminaire together with the ActiveAhead Node or outside luminaires with the ActiveAhead Node Advanced and the circular sensor holder.
  • Produktfamilj: ActiveAhead
  • Montering: Armatur, tak
  • PIR-rörelsesensor, Ljussensor

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Android application to test the ActiveAhead luminaires at the end of the luminaire production line.
Mounting accessory to mount the 5634 ActiveAhead Node Sense multi sensor radio node to a recessed ceiling. Datablad
  • Produktfamilj: ActiveAhead
  • Montering: Armatur
  • PIR-rörelsesensor, Ljussensor
  • Detektion

    • PIR-rörelsesensor
    • Ljussensor
    • Detektionsvinkel (°): 97
    • Nominell monteringshöjd (m): 2.5
    • Detektion diameter (m): 5.7


    • Strömförbrukning (mA): 0
    • Montering, mer information: Armatur, monterad
    • Max. last (A): 0
    • IP-klassningsalternativ: IP65