LC-SRA Click-on strain relief for LED drivers

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  • This easy to assemble click-on strain relief can be used together with a LED driver when the driver needs to be safely installed outside of a luminaire.
  • Enables looping of the input cables for Helvar compact LED drivers
  • Easy installation with screwless cable clamps
  • Sturdy structure, compatible with cables of different thickness
  • Accessory for mounting the Active+ Sense sensor to the ceiling
  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for flush mounting
  • Sturdy structure, internal strain relief
  • Available in white
  • Den smarta lösningen med snäppfäste gör det enkelt och säkert att använda ett LED-drivdon placerat vid sidan av armaturen.
  • Fullt ställbar kabellåsning
  • Robust och enkel konstruktion