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  • Brochures
    Helvar Insights
    Helvar Insights is a scalable cloud-based suite of digital services that takes advantage of data gathered from your existing commercial lighting control systems, devices and sensors. It provides intelligent insights that improve the wellbeing of users, the efficiency of your building and help achieve sustainability targets.
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    Imagine Router Solution
    Helvar Imagine brings wellbeing and intelligence into your space, offering efficiency and scalability for a wide variety of applications. Imagine builds upon industry standards for easy installation and integration to provide a truly leading lighting control and management solution.
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    ActiveAhead Self-learning Lighting
    Helvar ActiveAhead is a truly intelligent and scalable wireless lighting solution. Its unique self-learning capabilities give ultimate efficiency in setup and operations. ActiveAhead will continuously learn and generate insights, maximising positive impact on wellbeing and optimising your ever-evolving building.
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    Helvar Lighting Intelligence Showcase Brochure
    Helvar are world leaders in lighting intelligence. The Helvar Lighting Intelligence Showcase brochure showcases a broad range of examples of customer installations across a vast range of sectors and implementations from Hospitals, Galleries, Schools and hundreds of other places.
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    Lighting Control Applications Brochure
    Our in-depth understanding of lighting controls and components enables us to meet our customer’s needs with innovative products and advanced lighting systems. Read more about lighting control in education, hotels, offices, retail, healthcare, arenas, cruises, and industrial.
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    ILLUSTRIS Brochure
    ILLUSTRIS is a contemporary user interface with advanced lighting control features. Its sleek design incorporates touch-sensitive technology to provide an intuitive and familiar user experience. Integrated Bluetooth® connectivity expands the control possibilities to smartphones and tablets via the SceneSet® app for iOS and Android.
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    ILLUSTRIS Healthcare
    ILLUSTRIS Healthcare is a control panel designed for Healthcare environments. This panel features brightness, scene and DALI Type 8 control, and the panel comes with rounded corners in glass or plastic finish and IP44 protection, making it perfect for regular cleaning.
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    BACnet Gateway Brochure
    The 435 BACnet Gateway is an integration device which will help reduce engineering time and meet the demand for seamless integration between a building’s lighting system and BMS.
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    EnOcean Gateway Brochure
    The 434 EnOcean Gateway lets you connect wireless and battery-less EnOcean controls to a Helvar DALI lighting network.
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    RoomSet Brochure
    Intelligent lighting for single rooms. RoomSet is designed for quick, easy configuration of repeatable spaces such as classrooms and offices.
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  • Product Catalogues
    Helvar Lighting Intelligence Catalogue
    The Helvar Lighting Intelligence (LI) Lighting Control Solutions catalogue lists the current Helvar range of intelligent and energy-efficient lighting products and solutions portfolio from control panels, routers to sensors and beyond. UPDATED 03.2024
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    LED Solutions
    The catalogue presents Helvar’s extensive range of LED drivers, LED modules and LED accessories, that can be used as single components or combined into smart energy efficient lighting solutions. UPDATED 03.2024
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    Helvar has produced luminaire components from 1949, and this catalogue presents our current, comprehensive offering with controllable and standard electronic ballasts, as well as magnetic ballasts. UPDATED 04.2022
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  • White Papers
    New European Standard EN-12464-1
    Helvar New Indoor Lighting Standard White paper
    ‘Creating Brighter Spaces with the New Indoor Lighting Standard EN-12464-1’
    Our Chief Future Illuminator, Henri Juslén, explores the updates to the New Indoor Lighting Standard EN-12464-1, and explains how you can achieve optimal lighting conditions and promote various user benefits in indoor workspaces with the use of Helvar lighting controls.

    Visit the EU Lighting Standard Page

    Helvar Office White paper
    ‘Revolutionise your working rhythm’
    In the first white paper of 2021, our experts explore the current state of offices, how the pandemic has shaped our work-life balance, and the impact of lighting on our daily working rhythms.

    Visit the Helvar in Offices page