Gateway to the Valleys school

Bridgend, South Wales, United Kingdom

With the school’s main atriums set up as an open teaching space with no local controls, it was crucial that the chosen system could be operated via web-browsing devices connected to the school’s wireless network. Helvar provided this through the installation of its BMS interface kit, Tridium Jace, which runs Niagara software – a platform that is able to integrate diverse systems and communicate with the 34 DALI router processor units installed on site.


For such a large school it was crucial to implement a lighting control system where everything was fully integrated and could be controlled simply, as well as affording practicality and flexibility, with scene settings and pre-sets available so each room could be specifically tailored to individual needs. For this, Helvar’s control system was perfect, providing a complete and fully integrated system that could also be altered to suit the requirements that come with a school. Hywel Morton, Project Manager at Whitehead Building Services, responsible for specifying Helvar for the project.


At Gateway to the Valleys school, the scene set up was ‘absence only’ with the sensors detecting when a room was empty and the lights triggering off after ten minutes of absence. Working in this way, the lights can be maintained at an optimal level – not too bright or too dim – while also providing additional energy savings by ensuring that the lights are not on unnecessarily.

Adding extra flexibility for the teacher, the system has the ability to control the lighting surrounding the windows and whiteboard area. For the main hall and sports hall, the lighting system needed to be flexibly controlled via scene setters, users have the ability to dim or raise the lights by using pre-set levels for different events, for example sporting activities require increased lighting levels – working in this way, the lighting can be tailored towards specific requirements and activities taking place.

SOLUTIONS: Fully integrated, wireless network, absense detection, energy saving system

Bridgend, South Wales, United Kingdom

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