Today, we celebrate our centennial anniversary!
It is exactly 100 years since Helvar was founded! Whilst we are incredibly proud of this achievement, we are also humbled in the knowledge that few companies reach this milestone. There are many factors which have contributed to our longevity and our successes over the years, but without a doubt, our greatest strength has always been people. The dedication, resilience, ingenuity and passion shown by the Helvar Team, current and past, our Partners and our Customers is truly unique and unparalleled.
The continuing Helvar story is about transformation, innovation and renewal. Our passion is ignited most when we are exploring solutions that contribute to the happiness and health of people and the planet. And at a time when climate change is a distinctive threat to our world, being able to innovate solutions for more sustainable buildings feels of great significance and importance to us.
The history of Helvar is a radiant rollercoaster of innovation challenges, engineering solutions and wonderful internal and external relationships. There are many fantastic twists and achievements that have shaped who we are today.
From the unforgettable millennium night fire which devastated our factory but helped conjure the unwavering ‘Helvar Spirit’, to the phenomenal lighting projects including Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and the World Trade Center in Abu Dhabi, which were brought to life by ground-breaking lighting solutions created by some of the greatest minds in the industry. Pioneering in adopting the technology to the ever-evolving new requirements and opportunities. The Helvar story is a tale brought together by the unity of our people, and their dedication to making great things happen.
To every individual who has played a part in the last 100 years, we want to say thank you. We’re determined to continue our mission to create Brighter Spaces for future generations and global sustainability.
From the entire Helvar family, thank you for being a part of our journey.
Let’s raise a glass to the next 100 years!
The Helvar Team



Helvar is an international lighting technologies company specialising in intelligent and energy-saving lighting solutions. Intelligent lighting is essential to the wellbeing of employees, customers, visitors and patients, and it helps to achieve sustainability targets. Helvar lighting control solutions and luminaire components help to create smart environments built for the future, using information and working seamlessly with other systems. Helvar has thousands of global projects, including state-of-the-art hospitals, schools and university campuses, commercial workplaces, including the worlds largest cruise ships and airports. Helvar designs open and flexible solutions for lighting across a range of applications, applying 100 years of innovation and expertise across every project.