Helvar launches two new system components complementing sensing capabilities for buildings where energy use is to be minimised while user comfort is maximised.  We believe that by combining multiple technologies, the smoothest experiences for users can be created in the most efficient way. With this in mind, we are introducing two new products to complement our lighting control solutions: 342 Acoustic Sensor and 5680 ActiveHeat Thermostat.  
Helvar 342 Acoustic Sensor offers audio sensing capabilities to detect the presence of people and vehicles. It’s a good fit for spaces where a movement detection sensor would be limited by its coverage area, or the space would require too many sensors. Staircases are such examples, as well as spaces with movable objects potentially blocking the sensor’s view. The Acoustic Sensor can also support movement detection sensors in an installation. It’s installed and used the same way as a PIR sensor and is a valuable addition to your toolset when using Helvar Imagine and ActiveAhead solutions.    


Helvar 5680 ActiveHeat Thermostat is an intelligent, easy-to-use, energy-saving thermostat. It’s not just a smart temperature controller that can be used for floor and room heating; it also follows the nearby ActiveAhead Nodes and automatically toggles between ECO and Comfort temperatures according to the actual nearby space occupancy. This optimises the energy consumption when no one is nearby and prepares the space in time for the upcoming usage. Traditional schedules can also be set to the thermostat when you want to override the default automatic mode. When no ActiveAhead Nodes are present, it operates as a standard smart thermostat.    

With the ActiveHeat Thermostat, we saw an opportunity to utilise the dense movement detection sensor network of the ActiveAhead wireless lighting solution to benefit the building and its users beyond lighting.  The ActiveHeat solution turns heating on and off based on the actual usage of the different areas saving energy when the spaces are not used. The ActiveHeat thermostat also supports schedules allowing you to combine flexibly automatic and scheduled operations where and when they most make sense.  
In this example, the short-scheduled Comfort mode prepares the space in the morning to add comfort. Heating operates in automatic mode for the rest of the day to offer energy savings.