Helvar launches new DALI-2 flagship Imagine Solution - Imagine Endless Possibilities

We are proud to launch our DALI-2 Imagine 950 Solution. The flagship 950 Router is a certified DALI-2 multi-master application controller. Helvar’s Imagine Solution is the world’s leading intelligent lighting control and management solution. It brings wellbeing and intelligence into a space, offering efficiency and scalability for a wide variety of applications. Imagine builds upon industry standards for easy installation and integration, adding strong and unique value on top of the standard. Helvar Imagine DALI Lighting Controls

The lighting industry is becoming more interoperable, and driving this trend are recent advancements in open standards such as DALI-2. Helvar is leading this change into the DALI-2 era offering customers and partners the most scalable, intelligent and interoperable lighting control solution in the market with Helvar’s unique combination of benefits, features and products on top of the DALI-2 standard. For its strong commitment to continually developing innovative solutions, Helvar has certified 21 DALI-2 products, firmly taking the lead as number one provider in the lighting control solutions category.

“This is a proud moment and a great achievement for us! Helvar has a long history of innovation in DALI based controls. Now with DALI-2, it allows our benefits and expertise to be brought into the DALI-2 offering,” highlights Thet Oo, Director of Wired Solutions, Helvar. “DALI-2 to the already hugely successful Helvar Imagine Router Solution through products, such as the newly launched flagship 950 Router – our fully-fledged certified DALI-2 Multi-master Application Controller.”

Helvar's DALI-2 Imagine 950 Router is a certified DALI-2 multi-master application controller.

Helvar’s unique value beyond the DALI-2 standard – Imagine Endless Possibilities

Helvar’s unique blend of impressive benefits and features across a wide range of DALI-2 products gives true meaning to ‘Imagine Endless Possibilities’. For Helvar, it means a solution where people are always at the heart of any building, and our Lighting Control Solution and its features benefit the wellbeing of those people. Helvar’s DALI-2 Imagine solution has the utmost flexibility, which can be applied to almost any project with a variety of products, features, software logic and integration options. Such a highly efficient and easy to scale solution can also make a vast contribution to sustainability to benefit our customers further.

For designers, Helvar’s certified, added value of DALI-2 benefits ensure that they are specifying for a modern and futureproof building with the multi-vendor operability and the freedom to design according to their visions. As Helvar’s DALI-2 950 Router is compatible with the current Imagine solution, it delivers an easy to install and scalable product, which can be used in a wide variety of applications. The market-leading DALI capacity of the 950 Router means that it has the most connectivity in a single hardware reducing complexity and is, therefore, easier to manage, commission and maintain.

A simple example of an added benefit beyond the standard is the ability for Helvar Imagine to easily and significantly scale far beyond the standard 16 lighting groups limited by DALI/ DALI-2. The solution can go up to 65,000 groups at a system level and 255 groups at a DALI network level, providing the unique ability to deliver mega-projects on DALI, such as the new Istanbul airport. Further added benefits include Imagine’s ability to integrate and connect to other building systems and data services for intelligent building optimisation and analytics.

First DALI-2 Multi-master Customer Case – Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Helvar has been providing DALI control solutions to Tampere University for several years. It is the second largest University of Applied Sciences in Finland with over 10,000 students. In November 2020, the building upgraded to the DALI-2 Helvar Imagine 950 solution.
“The 950 Router was chosen because we have worked with Helvar for years, so it was a natural update for the existing lighting systems we have here in the university,” acknowledges Heikki Seppälä, Maintenance Engineer of Tampere University.

“We provide education for lighting and lighting control systems, so for us and our students it’s important that we have access to the latest lighting control technology,” commends Kari Kallioharju, Senior Lecturer, Building Services Engineering of Tampere University. “Another aspect of good lighting and lighting control is to support health and wellbeing of our staff and students. This latest project with the 950 Router complements our existing system. It also responds to the changing requirements of the future. We continue the cooperation with Helvar in the future because it’s always a pleasure to work with the front runners.”

Helvar's first DALI-2 Multi-master Customer Case - Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland

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