12x Modular Panels

12x Modular Panels

Range of pushbutton panels for basic control of a DALI system. Each module is fitted with status light and infrared receiver for remote operation using handheld remote controls.

  • Lighting Control Solution: 
  • Lighting control protocol: DALI lighting control
  • Panel Backbox: 
  • Panel finish: 
  • Colour: 
    Anthracite grey



DALI Compatible
Wide variety of button arrangements
Choice of panel finishes
Single-gang or double-gang frames

Compatible products

Compatible products

23x Frames

Order code Description
125 5-Button-Module-&-Modifier
124200 5-Button-Module-White
124202 5-Button-Module-Ss
122201 2-Button-Module-Raise/Low-Brs
122203 2-Button-Module-Raise/Lower-Ss
126200 8-Button-Module-White
100200 Rotary-Module-White
110201 Single-Slider-Module-Brs
110202 Single-Slider-Module-Ss
110 Single-Slider-Module
110200 Single-Slider-Module-White
100203 Rotary-Module-Cf
100202 Rotary-Module-Ss
100201 Rotary-Module-Brs
125201 5-Button-Module-&-Modifier-Brs
110203 Single-Slider-Module-Cf
125203 5-Button-Module-&-Modifier-Cf
111 Twin-Slider
126202 8-Button-Module-Ss
111200 Twin-Slider-White
122200 2-Button-Module-Raise/Lower-Wh
111201 Twin-Slider-Brs
122202 2-Button-Module-Raiselower
111202 Twin-Slider-Ss
124 5-Button-Module
111203 Twin-Slider-Cf
124201 5-Button-Module-Brs
121 2-Button-Module-0N/Off
124203 5 Button Module Ss + Grey Insert
121200 2-Button-Module-0N/Off-White
125200 5 Button Module & Modifier - White
121201 2-Button-Module-0N/Off-Brs
125202 5 Button Module & Modifier Ss
121202 2 Button Module 0N/Off Ss
126 8-Button-Module
121203 2 Button Module On/Off Ss+Grey Insert
126201 8-Button-Module-Brs
122 2-Button-Module-Raise/Lower
126203 8-Button-Module-Cf
100 Rotary-module

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Range of DALI-compatible pushbutton panels that allows for the control of DALI lighting system. Each button on the panel has an LED that is lit when selected and the units are fitted with infrared receiver providing a remote opertaion option using handheld remote control.

  • Lighting Control Solution: Imagine
  • Lighting control protocol: DALI lighting control
  • Panel Backbox: UK
  • Panel finish: Metal
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The 313 Low-Profile Microwave Detector provides occupancy detection for the automatic control of DALI lighting loads. The unit detects movement using its highly sensitive microwave detector. It emits low-power microwave signals, and measures the reflections as the signals bounce off moving objects.

  • Lighting Control Solution: Imagine
  • Lighting control protocol: DALI lighting control
  • Device Mounting Method: Independent
  • Sensor Mounting Method: Ceiling
  • Colour: White
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DALI-2 certified range of pushbutton panels for Helvar Imagine solution. The range has LED indicators and customisable by inserting labels locally. The button module is compatible with a number of frames from other manufacturers.

  • Lighting Control Solution: Imagine
  • Lighting control protocol: DALI-2 lighting control
  • Panel Backbox: 
  • Panel finish: Plastic
  • Colour: 
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