Tridium Driver

Driver for the Tridium Integration System

The Helvar Niagara 4 compatible driver is available to download below

The driver license will need to be purchased through your local Helvar Office or Partner before it will function in the Niagara Framework. To find your local contact, please see the contact us section of this website.
Once the license has been purchased and you require the license binded to your PC or JACE, please complete this online form and we will respond back to you.
Helvar HLC-N4Rx Licensing Binding Request Form
If you have an AX PC or JACE, our AX driver is also available to download below. The latest version of the AX driver no longer requires a license and will operate without having to request and install the Helvar.license and Helvar.certificate files. No future development is planned for the AX driver as it is superceded by its N4 replacement.
Please Note: The user must be a trained and authorised Tridium Systems Integrator