Human Centric Lighting Control with Tunable White LED light fittings

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Tunable White colour temperature control

Helvar iC Product range for Tunable White

Helvar Tunable White iC DALI drivers and LED modules are the heart of tunable white luminaires, developed specifically for dimming and tuning of white colour. The two driver output channels are connected to two modules with different colour temperatures, warm white and cool white allowing easier control of the colour temperature.

What is Tunable White?

Tunable white lighting technology means that you are able to control the light sources’ colour temperature output – in other words, mix cool and warm white light. You have might heard about mixing white light, tuneable white, color temperature control or DALI type 8 protocol. All of these mean the same thing: with a control unit, such as a control panel or a lighting control software, you are able to select the desired color temperature anywhere between the specified color temperature range. Helvar iC LED modules temperature range varies between 2 700 K to 6 500 Kelvin.

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) for wellbeing

Human Centric Lighting is created with tunable white technology, by changing colour and intensity of white light, and designing lighting to support the end-users’ lighting needs. The natural circadian rhythm of a person can be supported by using warmer (relaxing) light with lower intensity in the morning and evenings, and cooler (energising) light during a typical working day. Lighting can also be tuned during the day to support more temporary needs. We can use warmer white light with slightly lower intensity, to help users calm down when facing high stress. Or we can use cooler white light with higher intensity, to help users energise e.g. on early morning.

Benefits of DALI Colour Temperature Control

DALI’s Colour temperature control standard enables you to pick a scene of colour and intensity in one easy step, vastly decreasing programming time. The new standard only needs one DALI type 8 (Dt8) address to command two or more output channels, which greatly reduces the cost of a DALI lighting system.

Tunable White color temperature scale warm white to cool white

Our offering for Tunable White luminaires

We are specialised in Tunable White LED drivers, that we offer in compact and linear housing. Our iC range of Tunable White drivers offer a powerful and advantageous selection of drivers for different luminaire design needs. Our selection of iC LED modules in different lengths and colour temperatures match perfectly with our drivers, creating advanced lighting conditions for a variety of needs.

The Helvar Driver Configurator software tool allows you to set LED module parameters for iC LED drivers to ensure proper operation during colour and light intensity control. The tool can also be used to configure other LED driver parameters like output current.

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