Helvar Freedom Wireless LED concept

Wireless LED lighting with Freedom

Easy wireless LED lighting with Freedom

Helvar’s Freedom luminaire components offer a completely new way to connect to wireless LED lighting. One Helvar Freedom LED driver works with all compatible wireless ecosystems. A wide range of wireless LED drivers with intelligent luminaire sensors and radio nodes offer unique design freedom for luminaire manufacturers. Freedom products are perfect with Helvar’s own ActiveAhead , the self-learning, award-winning wireless lighting control system. But, the drivers support also other wireless control systems:  Casambi, Mount Kelvin, Mymesh, pulsesystems, Ingy and Wirepas. And, our protocol is open, inviting anyone to connect and stay connected – wirelessly.

Ramboll Case Study

The self-learning, future-proof wireless lighting control solution ActiveAhead was selected for Ramboll Headquarters to cover the office floors. It is also used throughout the parking garage, providing impressive energy savings. There are a total of around 3000 ActiveAhead Control Units installed on-site.

YIT Case Study

The easy installation, setup and flexibility of the ActiveAhead solution was greatly appreciated by YIT, which is why they chose ActiveAhead also for the second part of their headquarters renovation.
Wartsila Case Study

Wärtsilä Case Study

The Wärtsilä Campus is equipped with the world’s first artificial intelligence-based wireless lighting control system, ActiveAhead. Wärtsilä selected this self-learning, future-proof solution as they wanted all of their building systems to include state-of-the-art technology.

How to build a Freedom wireless luminaire?

1 Choose your Node

Freedom Node
Freedom Node is available for ActiveAhead, Casambi, Mymesh, Mount Kelvin, and Ingy wireless lighting control systems, with support to BLE, Mymesh and Wirepas mesh technologies.
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2 Choose your Driver

Helvar ActiveAhead Freedom LED Drivers

Freedom LED Drivers
Choose the best alternative for your luminaire design: SELV60 or non-isolated with wide current range and power options.
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3 Optional Sensor


Freedom Sense
Freedom Sense is a motion and constant light sensor, that is perfect for luminaire mounting, but can be also mounted independently.
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Freedom Webinar recordings


Time & Date Webinar topic Webinar recording
Thu 12th March
09.00 GMT / 10.00 CET / 11.00 EET
Tero Päärni (Head of Sales, Luminaire Components)
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Thu 19th March
10.30 GMT / 11.30 CET / 12.30 EET
Matti Vesterinen (Director, Wireless, Lighting Intelligence)
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Fri 20th March
09.00 GMT / 10.00 CET / 11.00 EET
Bastiaan de Groot (CEO of Ingy)
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Mon 23rd March
12.30 GMT / 13.30 CET / 14.30 EET
Toni Anttila (Head of Workspaces, Ensto Smart Buildings)
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Tue 24th March
09.00 GMT / 10.00 CET / 11.00 EET
Viktor Olsson (Key Account Manager, Casambi)
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Wed 25th March
09.00 GMT / 10.00 CET / 11.00 EET
Wim Hogenhout (Sales Manager, Chess Wise BV) & Han Bak (CEO, Chess Wise BV)
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Thu 26th March
09.00 GMT / 10.00 CET / 11.00 EET
Youssef Kamel (SVP Ecosystem and Partners, Wirepas)
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