Helvar launches ActiveAhead Node Sense - the smallest lighting sensor with inbuilt wireless connectivity in the market!

We are excited to launch further developments of our self-learning, intelligent wireless lighting solution, Helvar ActiveAhead® Generation 2.  

ActiveAhead Node Sense – the smallest lighting sensor with inbuilt wireless connectivity in the market – is bringing great benefits particularly for Luminaire Manufacturers and Lighting Designers. We are also launching the ActiveAhead Adapter DA which builds upon the ActiveAhead capabilites to DALI luminaires, further supporting the scale, interactions and benefits of wireless luminaires. ActiveAhead recently won ‘Controls Product of the Year’ at the 2020 Lux Awards, Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Company of the Year Award, and the BETA Awards.

Helvar ActiveAhead® is a truly intelligent and scalable wireless lighting solution. Its unique self-learning capabilities give ultimate efficiency, both in setup and operations. ActiveAhead will continuously learn and generate insights, maximising positive impact on wellbeing and optimising ever-evolving smart buildings. ActiveAhead is the perfect solution for a vast range of new-build applications such as offices, warehouses, stairways and parking garages whilst also being the ideal option for renovation or refurbishment projects, where wiring would be time-consuming or costly to install. The unique patented AI algorithm is constantly supported by a growing selection of ActiveAhead products, features and services. 

Helvar ActiveAhead Node Sense – easy to design and assemble intelligent ActiveAhead luminaires  

Being the smallest lighting sensor with inbuilt wireless connectivity in the market, ActiveAhead Node Sense can easily be integrated into almost any luminaire. Thus, it is easier for Luminaire Manufacturers and Lighting Designers to design and assemble intelligence inside a luminaire. By using the product, the radio antenna is positioned within the sensor, enabling free radio connection to all directions. Since it also includes processor, it removes the need to assemble separate wireless node into the luminaire. This opens new potential and creative opportunities with the market’s smallest radio sensor. Lighting plays a huge role in being able to improve wellbeing and safety, and at the same time to create something visually pleasing. The ActiveAhead Node Sense is so small and inconspicuous that it will not change the luminaire aesthetic, which is especially essential for architects, interior architects, luminaire designers, and users of a space. 

“Helvar’s revolutionary ActiveAhead product, wireless lighting solution equips customers with versatile tools to ensure high reliability and efficiency, unmatched by the competition,”   

  – Dennis Marcell, Senior Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

Helvar ActiveAhead Adapter DA extends ActiveAhead support to standard DALI luminaires 

With an inbuilt DALI power supply, the ActiveAhead Adapter DA enables the unique self-learning capabilities of ActiveAhead to almost any DALI luminaire. Simply connect the ActiveAhead Node Sense or standard Node to the ActiveAhead Adapter DA, and you can take control of a luminaire with 1-4 connected DALI LED drivers. Helvar’s now launched ActiveAhead Adapter DA extends the ActiveAhead solution to any DALI luminaires allowing specifiers, lighting designers and contractors to choose the best mix-and-match of luminaires for a project freely. 

Self-learning with always optimal lighting 

Wirelessly networked ActiveAhead Nodes use a smart AI algorithm to learn how a space is used. The luminaires collect data from their sensors as well as from the other luminaires that surround them. The nodes communicate with each other and learn the patterns of how the space is used. They respond to the amount of natural light in the space, giving the right optimal lighting at the right time and place. In addition to increasing the lights in a predictive manner, the nodes dim the lights in a smart way depending on space usage, thus helping to save energy.  

Simple and fast installation with short downtime 

Luminaires fitted with ActiveAhead are extremely easy to install. The luminaires are just fixed to their intended position and switched on at the mains. No control wiring is needed. Optional customisation and groupings are possible using the ActiveAhead mobile app.     

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About Helvar

Helvar is an international lighting technologies company specialising in intelligent and energy-saving lighting solutions. Intelligent lighting is essential to the wellbeing of employees, customers, visitors and patients, and it helps to achieve sustainability targets. Helvar lighting control solutions and luminaire components help to create smart environments built for the future, using information and working seamlessly with other systems. With projects spanning from hospitals, schools, workplaces to cruise ships and Istanbul’s 3rd new airport (the largest in the world), Helvar designs open and flexible solutions for lighting across a range of applications.

This year Helvar celebrates its 100th anniversary. With 100 years of expertise, Helvar serves its customers locally with offices in Finland, UK and Sweden and via their global network of partners in over 50 countries.