Botton-Champalimaud Pancreatic Cancer Centre


Maximising wellbeing at a world-class healthcare facility 

Inaugurated in September 2021, the emblematic Botton-Champalimaud Pancreatic Cancer Centre serves as a multidisciplinary research facility in Lisbon, Portugal. This unique project was brought to life by dpa lightingwhose lighting consultants worked closely with Concept Architect Charles Correa, The Champalimaud Foundation and many other expert minds. The lighting design employed throughout the entire space was specifically chosen to accentuate the people-centric benefits of lighting within a healthcare environment, with lighting responding beautifully to the modern architectural forms.

Project overview
Adjacent to the “mother ship” of the Champalimaud Centre, the Pancreatic Cancer Centre adds an exclusive aesthetic approach to the site, which includes new research laboratories, a day hospital, a surgical center, as well as inpatient and intensive care facilities.
Featuring state-of-the-art equipment, this lighting control project was designed to guarantee the wellbeing and comfort of patients, clinical staff, and other users while integrating seamlessly with the array of technical systems within the building.
Using the full potential of DALI
A key consideration of this project was to install a lighting system that could provide easily configurable dynamic lighting conditions and the ability to alter settings without costly re-wiring. In order to achieve this, a variety of modular system components and interfaces were installed throughout the building complex, each focused on maximising wellbeing through easy-to-use, dynamic lighting management. Interoperability meant that the lighting controls could also integrate with third-party systems where needed (DMX, TCP/IP, BACnet), assuring maximum functionality in every space.
Apart from offering customisable lighting scenes at the touch of a finger, the Helvar system also makes use of various features for triggering different events automatically. For example, through the use of a time-clock and Constant light, the system will adjust to the presence of natural daylight and at different times of the day from dusk to dawn, changing the lighting appropriately to ensure comfort and energy efficiency. Additionally, the system features color temperature control for wellbeing purposes, PIR detection sensors with automatic time-out periods, and Light over Time software for circadian lighting— ultimately delivering the best light at the right time and place.
As the system is DALI-based, maintenance processes are streamlined and efficient; 90% of luminaires can be monitored and accessed centrally, allowing faults to be detected individually by luminaire, reducing maintenance work and thereby increasing overall efficiency.
Wellbeing for generations to come
Overall, by using Helvar’s DALI-based lighting controls, this state-of-the-art research centre now features a fully adaptable and easy-to-use lighting system, tailored towards maximising the wellbeing of patients and staff. On top of energy monitoring and predictive maintenance features, the new lighting system can also interface with common lighting control protocols, automation tools, and other third-party systems, allowing for strong automation capabilities and an efficient maintenance process.
Now with a future-proof and feature-rich lighting system, the Botton-Champalimaud Pancreatic Cancer Centre can look forward to providing an excellent service supported by truly human-centric lighting.

The Helvar lighting control system is composed of:
75 Lighting Routers (150 DALI subnets)
98 Relay Units (290 switched circuit)
456 Sensors (44 Multisensors)
67 Wall Panels
10 Wall Touch Panels
47 Interfaces for third party panels
4 BACnet Gateways (BacNet Integration with third party)
DT8 DALI Drivers for Tunable White colour temperature control
DT8 DALI Drivers RGBW for colour change
Over 5000 DALI and Switched Luminaires

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