SLO Oy Logistics centre office

Vantaa, Finland

Smart lighting— one step ahead at SLO’s Logistics centre office


SLO OyENSTO - AAMUvalaisin_ SLO is a market leader in the B2B distribution of electrical products and solutions in Finland. SLO is part of Sonepar Group, which is an independent family-owned leading company in its area. The company recently completed an extension to their logistics centre located in Vantaa, Finland. The office space within the centre has been designed with users in mind.
When the lighting was designed, the requirements included high-quality adaptable lighting with energy-saving lighting controls. Ensto’s Double Parabolic Modular Luminaire (DPML) SmartWay modular luminaires installed with Helvar’s ActiveAhead control system have been used in the implementation. ActiveAhead continuously learns and generate insights, adapting well to changes in space and usage.
“It meets the requirements of SLO very well in that ActiveAhead brings energy savings as the lights turn off automatically when not in use and when every luminaire has a sensor, you can achieve very precise light control and cost savings. ActiveAhead provides true lighting benefits, generating a positive impact on user wellbeing and optimising SLO’s building”, explains Jukka Riikkula, Sales Director, Helvar Oy Ab.
Ensto‘s DPML luminaires were selected for their high-quality anti-glare optics as well as good energy efficiency, achieving an illuminance of approximately 550 lx perpendicular at the height of the worktop throughout the space. The difference with the old yellowish light is considerable. Ensto’s LED luminaires have high-quality optics, so there is significantly less distracting glare compared to older luminaires. Each luminaire has its own control unit integrated with the luminaire and a motion sensor. When the sensor detects movement in its area, it brightens to the maximum level.

Loke meeting room
When the movement stops, the lamp dims to an energy-saving mode after a specific time delay and finally switches off completely. The fresh colour temperature refreshes the look of the office: “It’s like coming to a new, or at least a renovated office!” – SLO employee. Since colour temperature and intensity of light have been found to affect human alertness and continuous artificial lighting is exhausting over a longer period of time, SLO wanted a lighting solution that was adjustable and supported their employee’s natural circadian rhythm. As a result, Tunable white luminaires, controlled by the Helvar Illustris control panel, were selected for the conference room. The colour temperature can be adjusted from 2700 to 6500 K in addition to the standard control. “The luminaires fitted with the ActiveAhead control system and motion detectors are worry-free — in the morning, the first employee doesn’t have to grope the switches in a dim office. The general lighting is also so good that there is no need to use personal table lamps. It is the best-lit office space which I have experienced during my 20-year career,” praises Lasse Sevonkari, Director of Logistics, SLO.  
Vantaa, Finland