Palladium – Shopping Centre

Czech Republic
Palladium is a modern and unique shopping centre in Prague. The architects have managed to sensitively connect the original historical part with the newly added modern block to create a harmonious complex with shops, restaurants and an entertainment zone.
For this project the Helvar Imagine Solution was chosen, featuring world-class Imagine DALI routers installed across nine high-current switchboards. The communications and their interconnection are provided by the Palladium Ethernet network. As a result, the main control point is a PC visualisation on the control panel tailored to the customer with detailed information on each of the nearly 3,000 luminaires controlled. In a large complex, which Palladium undoubtedly is, the technical team has information on possible faults, consumption and luminaire statuses available every day in an email.
Since the lighting scenes include two scenic chandeliers – at the main entrance and the metro passage – our system also provides control of pre-sets, such as the Czech flag. This is achieved by the Helvar Imagine routers, which in addition to DALI communication, also have a DMX protocol.


In the Palladium, the emphasis is not only on-stage lighting, but also on the comfort of visitors, which is why in many places there are luminaires that change not only the intensity of lighting, but also the colour temperature. Helvar systems thus control the lighting, for example, according to the time of day and night in accordance with people’s circadian rhythm, which in turn impacts wellbeing and comfort. The lighting time schedules are in accordance with the opening hours of the shopping complex and are again controlled from the control room using the Helvar WEB Server with the aforementioned visualization. For service interventions, the entire system can be controlled simultaneously from each system switchboard by means of buttons on the doors


Czech Republic