Freedom Sense luminaire sensor for wireless lighting controlHelvar’s Freedom Wireless luminaire component product range is happy to welcome a new, awaited member: The Freedom Sense occupancy and light sensor.

Freedom Sense is a super small luminaire sensor for wireless lighting control with compatible Freedom systems. It senses in two ways: the PIR motion sensor reacts to movement, while the light sensor constantly measures the ambient light levels and adjusts correct light levels automatically. Collect real room usage data, and optimize light-on time for energy-savings. Future-proof sensor luminaires are key for sustainable, user-friendly, and touchless spaces.

Freedom Sense is an excellent choice for any type of wirelessly controlled, indoor light fitting. Being tiny and hardly noticeable, it’s also super easy to install. With simple connectors, just click the sensor into the Freedom Node or straight to Freedom LED Drivers with integrated radio unit*.

Freedom Sense can be also used outside the luminaire. Independent installation straight to the ceiling by using an accessory mounting holder creates a very easy and cost-efficient option for area control. Reach out to your Helvar contact for more installation ideas.

Key features

  • PIR movement detector
  • Light sensor for daylight harvesting
  • Works with Casambi, Mount Kelvin, and Mymesh by Chess
  • For Helvar ActiveAhead, please see ActiveAhead Sense

Click below for detailed information and useful downloads: Datasheet, Installation guide and Casambi App Sensor set-up Guide

Click to see Freedom Sense


Freedom Sense sensor detection areas illustrated

Light sensor for daylight harvesting, motion sensor for occupancy detection


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*) For more information about Freedom LED drivers with integrated radio unit, connect with your Helvar contact