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The ActiveAhead mobile application is available for optional fine-tuning of luminaire parameters. However, normal operation is not reliant on configuration by the mobile application or any other commissioning software. The application is available for approved mobile devices (iPhone 4s / iPad 3rd gen / Android 4.4 onwards) equipped with Bluetooth low energy. With the mobile application you can adjust the parameters of a single luminaire, group or network of luminaires. The features include among others configuration of light levels, timeout adjustments, grouping controls and configuration of daylight harvesting mode.
Intelligent lighting for single rooms. RoomSet makes it easy to configure repeatable spaces like classrooms and offices.
The Active+ Mobile application provides an option to adjust the automatic settings. To use this app you must have an approved smart phone for the application running iOS (version 8.0 onwards) equipped with an LED flash, a luminaire fitted with an Active+ LED driver and the Active+ Sense.
Simple scene recall & modify, Direct connection to the Helvar router via Ethernet/Wi-Fi, or to ILLUSTRIS via Bluetooth, Free to download & use