185W Wireless Control Panel

185W Wireless Control Panel

Battery-free wireless panel for ActiveAhead and RoomSet 数据表

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  • 更多信息

    • DALI Compatible
    • Wide variety of button arrangements
    • Choice of panel finishes
    • Single-gang or double-gang frames
    • Out-of-box operation

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Extremely small multi sensor to be used with the ActiveAhead Nodes. Offers the ActiveAhead Nodes eyes to detect changes which enable the unique ActiveAhead self-learning. Can be used inside an ActiveAhead luminaire together with the ActiveAhead Node or outside luminaires with the ActiveAhead Node Advanced and the circular sensor holder.
  • 产品家族: ActiveAhead
  • 安装: 安装, 吊顶
  • PIR 动态感应器, 光感