2XXPL,2XXGL ILLUSTRIS Custom Front Fascia

2XXPL,2XXGL ILLUSTRIS Custom Front Fascia

  • 产品家族: Imagine
  • 英国背箱, DIN 背箱
  • 电容性触摸
  • 更多信息: ILLUSTRIS

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  • 产品家族: easySwitch
  • Output: 开关
  • 安装: 吊顶
  • PIR 动态感应器
  • 工作环境
    • 安装、更多信息: 天花板 - 表面安装在固定天花板或背箱内
    • 最大负载 (A): 6
    • IP Rating options: IP20
  • 探测

    • 正常安装高度(m): 2.8
    • 探测直径 (m): 7
    • 光感: false

  • 控制方式

    • 手动开关输入: true
    • 遥控器的 IR 接收器: false

  • 下载和链接
Allows sending of data from a lighting system to a cloud platform where authorised users can access it through a REST API or a web browser interface.
  • 产品家族: Imagine
  • Connection to Helvar's Data Driven Cloud Platform and Service Plans
  • Easy setup and configuration
  • Secure connection
  • Available in selected countries, including the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Norway