458-UNI8 8 × 6 A Universal Dimmer Module

458-UNI8 8 × 6 A Universal Dimmer Module

8-Channel universal dimmer module, for leading or trailing edge dimming of the majority of load types including Incandescent and dimmable LED’s. The module has 8-channels that can be individually selected as leading or trailing edge, rated at 6A each. The module has a DALI, S-DIM and DMX interface, for integration into DIGIDIM and Imagine systems.

  • Lighting Control Solution: Imagine
  • Lighting control protocol: DALI lighting control
  • Device Mounting Method: Independent



Manual configuration via LED display and push buttons
For leading or trailing edge dimming of resistive and inductive loads
Module plugs into 458 mechanical chassis
Active bottom load – flicker-free dimming of retrofit LEDs

Compatible products

Compatible products

458M1, 458M2, 458M3



105 mm × 360 mm × 170 mm

Number of channels


Max load / channel (A)


Power supply rating

85 VAC – 264 VAC (absolute) 45 Hz – 65 Hz

Order code Description
458/UNI8 458 Dimmer Module 8 Universal Channels