5609 ActiveAhead Node Advanced

5609 ActiveAhead Node Advanced

Connects DALI luminaires and system sensors to the truly intelligent wireless lighting control solution ActiveAhead. Super easy to install. Select luminaires and possible other products based on the space needs. Starts working the moment it is powered on and is user friendly to configure. Learns continuously from its surroundings and operates the luminaires accordingly. ActiveAhead Nodes form a scalable low-energy Bluetooth Mesh network through which they share information; e.g., on the detected changes in their vicinity.

  • Lighting Control Solution: ActiveAhead
  • Lighting control protocol: Wireless lighting control
  • Device Mounting Method: Independent



Connects DALI devices into the wireless ActiveAhead system
Easy installation thanks to the inbuilt DALI power supply unit and strain reliefs
Gives addesses to the connected devices allowing for individual light output levels
When equipped with a sensor, continuously learns about changes in the vicinity

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5609 ActiveAhead Node Advanced