5691 ActiveAhead Sense Rectangular Holder

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Intelligent lighting for single rooms. RoomSet makes it easy to configure repeatable spaces like classrooms and offices.
Small powerful self-learning ActiveAhead Node to build into a luminaire. Operates the luminaire according to continuous learning and optionally configured settings. ActiveAhead Nodes form a low-energy Bluetooth Mesh network through which they share information; e.g., on the detected changes in their vicinity. 数据表
  • 工作环境

    • 电流消耗 (mA): 0
    • 安装、更多信息: Luminaire mounted

  • 探测

    • 探测角度 (°): 0
    • 正常安装高度(m): 0
    • 探测直径 (m): 0

  • 更多信息

    • Continuously learns about changes in the vicinity
    • Keeps the lighting at ideal level
    • Connects to the Bluetooth Mesh network

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