✓ 简单 开/关
✓ 单机
✓ 电源开关
✓ 简易安装且容易设置
✓ 低成本、快速回报

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PIR Switching Sensors

Helvar introduce a range of PIR sensors with mains voltage switched outputs. Simple settings for occupancy time-out and lux level with presence and absence detection modes make these sensors ideal for saving energy in a wide range of lighting applications.
The PIR switching sensors come in two form factors; surface mount for solid ceilings and flush mount where recessing into the ceiling is possible.  The surface mount sensor includes a range of mounting options for fixing directly to the ceiling or onto different style back-boxes and trunking.
  • Simple out-of-box functionality & adjustable settings
  • Occupancy time-out adjustment
  • Lux settings for PIR restriction (bright-out)
  • On/Off control of lighting (and non-lighting) loads
  • Surface mount or Flush (recessed) mount
  • 7m diameter detection range at 2.8m mounting height
  • Presence or absence detection modes