WELL Building Standard™ and Lighting

The International WELL Building Institute™ (IWBI™) is leading the global movement to transform buildings and communities in ways that help people thrive.

IWBI created the universally recognised WELL Building Standard™ – a leading global rating system exclusively focused on the ways in which buildings, and everything in them, can improve comfort and generally enhance health and wellness, setting a benchmark for optimal building performance.
The WELL V2 Standard features 10 concepts of measurement, each of which has a number of preconditions and optimisations. Spaces are awarded points based on the number of concepts attained, with successful certifications awarded to entrants who meet the criteria for Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.
Helvar awarded Gold WELL V2 Certification!

The Helvar HQ project is the first new and existing interior to receive WELL certification according to the standard version 2 in the Nordic countries, and is the fifth to be certified in Europe!
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Supporting the WELL Standard with Light over Time

Helvar’s Future Illuminator, Henri Juslén, explores how Helvars Light Over Time feature supports human wellbeing by enabling customisation of light levels and colour temperatures over throughout the day.
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WELL Building Standard: Light

You can explore the Light Features below – click through to visit the WELL Building Standard Overviews:

This WELL feature requires projects to provide appropriate light exposure in indoor environments through lighting strategies.
This WELL feature requires projects to provide appropriate illuminances on work planes for regular users of all age groups, as required for the tasks performed in the space.
This WELL feature requires projects to provide users with appropriate exposure to light for maintaining circadian health and aligning the circadian rhythm with the day-night cycle.
This WELL feature requires projects to manage glare by using strategies, such as calculation of glare and choosing the appropriate light fixtures for the space.
This WELL feature requires projects to design spaces to integrate daylight into indoor environments, so that daylight may be used for visual tasks along with electric lighting. It also provides individuals with a connection to outdoor spaces through windows.
This WELL feature requires projects to conduct daylight simulation calculations to make informed decisions around fenestration and shading, so as to provide appropriate daylight exposure for occupants.
This WELL feature requires projects to develop and implement strategies to create a visually comfortable lighting environment.
This WELL feature requires projects to take into account the characteristics of electric light used in the space, such as colour rendering and flicker.
This WELL feature requires projects to implement innovative lighting strategies that take into account personal preferences of users, as well as their interaction with the physical space.

Get your building WELL Certified with intelligent lighting

Helvar lighting solutions are specially designed to help you achieve a variety of building standards, while remaining easy to install and maintain.