Looking into an Inspired Future of Brighter Spaces

2021 marks Helvar’s 100th anniversary. While we are excited and proud of this milestone, our focus continues to be on the future: Where will our insights lead us next on our journey towards creating Brighter Spaces?

Helvar’s 100th anniversary provides an opportunity to reflect on our proud past as a family-owned company. As we look to the next 100 years, we acknowledge the hard work and amazing people who have brought us to where we are today. This milestone allows us to focus on the efforts of our customers and associates around the world and celebrate their efforts in helping us to become what we are today: a successful and growing global company, Transforming Everyday Places into Brighter Spaces.

“During our 100-year journey, we have supported and continue to support thousands of customers around the world in contributing to the wellbeing of people. We have also invented pioneering lighting control solutions and luminaire components that have endured and evolved for decades,” says Adel Hattab, CEO of Helvar.

“Helvar is a company capable of renewing, innovating and transforming – this is the DNA written into the Helvar success story and the people behind it. What makes us unique is our passion for people. Not only our own employees, but our continuous ambition to increase the wellbeing of people through our solutions,” says Hattab.

Helvar’s ‘Discovering Brighter Spaces’ event – held virtually on 3rd March – celebrates our first 100 years and looks into the future and the mission of Brighter Spaces. “Our Brighter Spaces mission reflects spaces that are exceptionally well lit and support people’s wellbeing, creativity and productivity,” says Hattab. “These spaces are also very intelligent. Data captured by lighting sensors is refined into insights that benefit different building systems and help them to interact smoothly. Together with AI and automation, these data insights make spaces both people-centric and environmentally sustainable.”

In recent years, Helvar has taken firm steps to introduce futureproof technologies to support its mission. These developments have been welcomed and acknowledged in the industry through several prestigious awards, including Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Europe Company of the Year Award, the Controls Product of the Year at the 2020 Lux Awards, and an award and commendation at the 2020 DALI lighting awards.

Helvar will hold a number of future-focused events throughout 2021, both at the local and regional levels. Events will be held virtually until face-to-face meetings are safe again.

At the ‘Discovering Brighter Spaces’ event, Vice-Chairman of the Helvar Board and member of the owner family, Philip Aminoff, was asked about where Helvar might be in 100 years. “Good lighting is key to human wellbeing,” says Aminoff. “It is impossible to forecast how the uses of light will evolve over the next one hundred years. However, Helvar’s ability to adapt to new customer requirements, to adopt new technology and to attract good people will keep it at the forefront where light, data, electricity and control come together”


Helvar is an international lighting technologies company specialising in intelligent and energy-saving lighting solutions. Intelligent lighting is essential to the wellbeing of employees, customers, visitors and patients, and it helps to achieve sustainability targets. Helvar lighting control solutions and luminaire components help to create smart environments built for the future, using information and working seamlessly with other systems. With projects spanning from hospitals, schools, workplaces to cruise ships and Istanbul’s 3rd new airport (the largest in the world), Helvar designs open and flexible solutions for lighting across a range of applications.

With 100 years of expertise, Helvar serves its customers locally with offices in Finland, UK and Sweden and via their global network of partners in over 50 countries.

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