Our brand-new MINI driver family is here to answer the needs for small-sized LED drivers for tight spaces. These compact SELV60 LED drivers have extremely compact dimensions making them great for smaller light fittings or installing them through narrow cut-out holes for e.g. spot downlights. The first launch includes both DALI-2 and constant current drivers, and the family is later enlarging with more power and voltage options for both dimmable and non-dimmable luminaires.

Despite they are small in size, these drivers are mighty in performance. They have wide operation windows, current ranging from 125 mA to 1050 mA and output voltages stretching from 3 V to 54 V. Current is easy to set with dipswitch, even on-site. MINI drivers have low current ripple of < 3 % under 120 Hz too, thus complying with IEEE 1789 recommendations. The DALI-2 models include flicker-free amplitude dimming down to 1% to ensure top-notch light quality and superb lighting environment in all situations.

Drivers are designed to meet SELV requirements with maximum Uout under 60V, they have long lifetime up to 100.000 hrs, and high efficiencies up to 90 %. Being Class II LED Drivers they are suitable to be used in Class I and Class II Luminaires, as well as SR (strain-relief) models in Class III (SELV) luminaire parts when installed outside the luminaire.

LC22MINI-CC-125-500 5905000
LC22MINI-CC-125-500-SR 5904000
LC38MINI-DA-300-1050 5901000
LC38MINI-DA-300-1050-SR 5900000
LC42MINI-CC-300-1050 5903000
LC42MINI-CC-300-1050-SR 5902000