Empowering Design with Helvar Hybrid Solutions

Experience a new frontier in lighting control

We’re introducing a unique and powerful offering of hybrid lighting controls.

Unlock full design flexibility and future possibilities with the best of wireless and wired together.

The future is hybrid

Different spaces have different needs. Break free from the silos of wired and wireless by choosing a system that can flexibly use both over a building’s lifetime.

Imagine smart buildings with…

No compromise on design

Where optimal conditions and a world-class user experience can be achieved in any space.

Simple extendability

Where you can use one system to rule them all— whether it’s new room, floor or entire building.

True interconnectivity

Where devices share insights and valuable data to keep you two steps ahead.

The Best of Wireless

Perfect simplicity
Configure, commission and operate through a feature-rich mobile app

Powerful savings
Minimise energy usage through smart features and precise control

Self-learning with AI
Lighting will continuously adapt to changes in space usage and layout

Renovation made easy
Bring intelligent lighting anywhere, anytime during the life of a building

The Best of Wired

Immense scalability
From a room to an entire skyscraper— scalability knows no bounds

Trusted and future-proof
Certified quality and multi-vendor compatibility with DALI-2

Seamless integration
Reach a new level of added value with our smart building expertise

Enhanced wellbeing
Boost performance in your spaces through Human-Centric Lighting

Unmatched intelligence

Take advantage of unique features from both Helvar wired and wireless systems to empower building stakeholders and deliver an excellent user experience.

New possibilities

Design without boundaries and allow your spaces to seamlessly adjust to different events and ways of working, now and in the future.

Maximum flexibility

Scalability headaches no more— deliver the benefits of intelligent lighting for new spaces and renovations alike through a reliable technical foundation.

Data-driven decisions

Save time and money by connecting with Helvar Insights and accessing valuable data on system performance and indoor conditions.

Scalability without limits

Adaptability without limits

Intelligence without limits

Lighting without limits

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