ActiveAhead Predictive lighting


Predictive Lighting

ActiveAhead is a new kind of system. It doesn’t need to be programmed — it learns by itself from the first day. And it shares what it knows with its units directly. Predicting where light’s needed next. Saving energy, effort and cost.

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Excellent for Renovation

ActiveAhead devices use the smart algorithm to learn how the space is used. They use these learnings to give the right lighting at the right time, in the right places. This means people will always have lights where they need them as they move through a space.

ActiveAhead is able to do this because it’s constantly learning. It also works straight out of the box.

Simple installation

Luminaires fitted with ActiveAhead are easy to install. Just put the luminaires in place and switch on. No wiring. No programming. No configuration. Customisation and grouping is possible, but not necessary, using the ActiveAhead mobile app.

Smart energy savings

Compared to a simple switched luminaire, ActiveAhead offers substantial energy savings. As well as predicting when and where to put the lights on, it also dims them down in a smart way based on the actual space usage.

Control Units

ActiveAhead — standard
Always looking, always learning, ActiveAhead units talk to each other through Bluetooth. Predicting where light’s needed next.
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ActiveAhead — DALI
Bring your DALI light fittings into an ActiveAhead network. Give them the power to learn and predict.
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Small and capable — and easily mounted inside the light fitting — ActiveAhead with PIR motion and light sensing doesn’t need a separate power supply.
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Circular sensor holder
Rectangular sensor holder

This luminaire-mounted IP65-rated sensor takes ActiveAhead outdoors.
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Control panel

Stick on and start
With no wires or cables, this optional self-powered panel sticks straight to the wall and is ideal for meeting room use.  It speaks to ActiveAhead Control Units so you can summon four lighting scenes.
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Helvar ActiveAhead Wireless Control Panel

ActiveTune personal lighting

Set the lights at your desk how you like them or for the job you’re doing. You can save your light settings and access them through the ActiveTune app. Download the free app, scan the QR code on your desk and get the right light for you.

Mobile app

Easy to customise
ActiveAhead’s beauty is that it learns by itself. But you can tell it what to do too. Install the app, and with a tap you’re in charge.
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Helvar ActiveAhead App