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Helvar High Efficiency High flux industrial lighting


High performance, low consumption.

Our LED product offering is designed for efficient, long-lasting, top-quality lighting applications. LED drivers and modules give you the ultimate design freedom for any professional lighting need

corridor office lighting control


Truly intelligent wireless lighting.

This smart solution is a self-learning AI-based lighting control system. It learns over time, adapting automatically to changes in space usage, can be installed over a lunch break, and being a wireless solution, it’s perfect for renovations. ActiveAhead works out of the box, or you can adjust a plethora of settings using the ActiveAhead app.


Imagine Endless Possibilities

With the Imagine Router Solution, you can design custom, connected lighting control for your office, whether it’s a meeting space, an entire floor or the whole building. Imagine integrates with BMS systems, offering incredible value through a range of scalability, flexibility, efficiency and wellbeing benefits.

BIM Model - All Products

All Helvar Product BIM Models (excluding 3022 - please click Wireless Controls to download this)
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BIM Model - Control Panels

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BIM Model - Dimmers & Racks

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BIM Model - Gateways & Input Units

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BIM Model - Relays & Ballast Controllers

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BIM Model - Routers & DALI Power Supplies

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BIM Model - Sensors

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BIM Model - Wireless Controls

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