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Good light feeds growing minds. It takes flicker-free conditions to help learners stay sharp. And intelligent lux level monitoring to efficiently harvest natural daylight. It’s a prize-winning formula for concentration. Wellbeing. And budgets.

Controlling lights above whiteboards. Connecting cross-campus buildings. Helvar speaks to your existing facilities and audio-visual systems. Creating dazzle-free learning environments.

  • "We will continue the cooperation with Helvar in the future because it’s always a pleasure to work with the front runners”
    Kari Kallioharju – Tampere University TAMK
    Senior Lecturer, Building Services Engineering
  • "Helvar's service has been second to none on this project. They've been a pleasure to deal with and always go above and beyond to accommodate the client's wishes. Glackin Electrics would 100% use Helvar again and potentially look forward to doing so in the future"
    Conán Brown – Glackin Electrics
    Design Engineer/Contracts Manager
  • "Helvar is an easy system to work with and you receive good back up from engineers so we would use them for future projects”
    Alan Kavanagh – Steane Ltd
    Mechanical and Electrical Site Manager
  • “The DALI lighting control system provided was more complex than usual due to integration requirements with 3rd party systems, however thanks to the excellent service and expertise provided by Helvar, these complexities were overcame and PC was achieved. Helvar then further supported the client by means of post PC assistance to ensure a smooth transition from handover to occupancy. I look forward to working with Helvar again on the next project."
    James Moxham – Derry Building Services Ltd
    Electrical Project Manager
  • “Assemblin has great experiences from working with Helvar. We chose Helvar for this installation as we are familiar with their products and our own personnel, who are trained by Helvar, can commission our projects”
    Janne Ekqvist – Assemblin
    Project Manager
  • "The Helvar team have been a great support to WILA on this challenging project. They have provided both professional and timely responses throughout the entire process"
    Jon Grzbiela – WILA Lighting
    Business Development – Lighting, Controls + IoT
  • “The service from Helvar has been top class! The lighting system is easy to install and has all the bells and whistles that make it a top system. Dealing with [Helvar] was also very easy, nothing was any trouble. We would have no hesitation in using Helvar again”
    David Agnew – R&A Group
    Director of R&A Group
  • "In more than 25 years FUNA and Helvar have been growing together and we were able to share many experiences of our projects. This has resulted in a very strong partnership."
    Andreas Köhler – Wärtsilä FUNA
  • "It is great to work together with a manufacturer who understands our market and is able to provide also long-term support for our service department."
    Ralf Boeckhoff – Wärtsilä FUNA
  • "We have been with Helvar for 5 months, we are amazed with the level of details from product trainings, business case discussion, to very individual problem solving video demonstration has greatly enhance our solutions and support credibility towards our clientele."
    Stanley Ong – LumiAmbience
  • "We have been a Helvar partner for 12 months now – the cooperation gives us the opportunity to offer complete system solutions that are very well received by our customers, and this gives us a special position in relation to customer cooperation."
    Daniel Grün – LIPA Lichtpartner GmbH
  • "We like to think of ourselves as one of the leaders in the region for Lighting and Lighting Control technology. Helvar’s continuous innovations and upgrades has helped us retain this reputation."
    Creation Gulf Trading LLC
  • "Whether it is support during design, during execution, or even for marketing, we can always count on Helvar to provide us with support."
    Creation Gulf Trading LLC
  • "Working with Helvar is always a pleasure. Despite being a Manufacturer, they always work with us as partners which is in line with our preferred style of working as well."
    Creation Gulf Trading LLC
  • "We used to use another suppliers DALI systems, however there was limited investment in new products and solutions. We then started to work with Helvar, and could see that Helvar wanted to invest more and more into new, different solutions. Looking back, we’re very satisfied with the decision that we made."
    Margus Norrko – Alter Baltics OÜ
  • "Smart buildings are here today, but we believe they need to be better than smart. When a building can learn from its senses, think about how it can improve itself over its lifetime, then it will be truly intelligent."
  • "Harmony of the Seas is like a floating city, so we needed a lighting control solution that is simple to install and gives us all the capabilities we need on a project of this size and complexity. "
  • "The lighting project at the Paderborn head office is a complete success. Energy savings of up to 75% and optimum illumination is a result that has exceeded our expectations."
    ANDREAS HARTMANN – Hartmann International
  • "Thanks to dynamic lighting, the colour and brightness can be adjusted to suit the time of day. The night and day variations support the care work carried out by the staff and the recovery of the patients."
    TEEMU PIRTTINEN – Seinäjoki Central Hospital
  • The ability to control the lighting from our centralised BMS Centre is an additional benefit, and we intend to continue using the system in our future developments in the region.
    Chief Construction Officer, Kings College Hospital
  • Benefits to our patients include the ability to create an optimum lighting ambience depending on the time of day and their personal preference. Lighting is an essential part of the patient recovery experience and we are pleased with the Helvar system.
    Chief Construction Officer, Kings College Hospital
  • "Helvar is the first company who have come out with an all-inclusive attitude, with an all-inclusive business proposal, saying let’s all be successful together, let’s all grow together, let’s all benefit together."
    Managing Director, Creation Gulf Trading LLC
  • "Growth with Helvar is, especially now, being able to adapt to the market, have new solutions, and be a part of the top level within lighting controls, so working with Helvar means a lot to us."
    Sales Manager, Vanpee A/S
  • For me, growing with Helvar is a universal growth.
    Managing Director, Creation Gulf Trading LLC
  • "As we wanted all building systems to have state-of-the-art technology available, we selected Helvar’s wireless, self-learning and future-proof lighting control solution ActiveAhead."
  • "One of the smart building features of the Helvar system is that it enables us to collect occupancy data for all spaces. This helps us understand how our building is used and it’s in line with our smart building ambition."
    KARI MELANDER – Development Director, Ramboll
  • "Our staff have been really happy with this steady level of lighting and when they’ve been told that the lighting system is actual adjusting itself based on daylight, it has pleased them further."
  • "As we changed the layout of our office from a small-room office layout into an activity based open plan office, we wanted the lighting level to be the same in all areas when people move from one place to another. At the same time, we also wanted to be able to control the lighting system based on personal needs."
  • "We were impressed right from concept to completion."
    Project Engineer
  • Sushi B wanted a DALI lighting control system, so Helvar were a natural choice.
    Lighting designer
  • "The energy savings will help us achieve our efficiency targets as well as saving tens of thousands of pounds over the life of the installation."
    Bath University
  • Helvar’s DIGIDIM system was the best possible choice for lighting control.
    Electrical designer for the European Chemicals Agency, Helsinki
  • It’s a flexible and open system. You can easily extend it later.
    EGGER Group
  • Using Helvar lighting control was a simple decision for us.
    Wärtsilä FUNA
  • "The customer support is second to none."
    Wärtsilä FUNA
  • "By using Helvar, we estimate that the library has saved 70-80% of its energy used in lighting."
    Helvar, Finland
  • Helvar’s lighting control system is perfectly suited for schools. The teacher can adjust the lighting at the press of a button.
    Electrical manager for the Tervaväylä School project
  • The Helvar system copes easily with the vast number of different light loads and partition walls.
    Centre, Lisbon
  • "Helvar lighting controls added the finishing touches to help create character and atmosphere."
    Generator Hostels’ lighting consultant
  • The Helvar router opens up endless possibilities that are only limited by our imagination.
    Manager for the Tipotie Health Centre installation, Tampere, Finland
  • Both the installation and programming stages ran incredibly smoothly.
    Reggiani Lighting
  • Optimum illumination and energy savings of up to 75% have exceeded our expectations.
    Hartmann International GmbH
  • There are competitors, of course. But Helvar offers the best service, the most efficient support, and the best equipment.
    Sähköpeko Oy Engineer for Vuores School
  • 为什么选择Helvar?
    • Student comfort
    • Correct light level for every activity
    • Classroom or whole building solution
    • Integration with building management and audio-visual systems
    • Automated or manual control
    • Daylight harvesting and presence detection for energy saving
    • Energy management and maintenance




RoomSet 可为教室和办公室等可重复空间进行快速简单的配置。



ActiveAhead 是一种新型系统,无需编程——从第一天开始便能自学,且可直接与其单位分享它所知道的内容。



DALI 路由器是 Imagine 的核心——为各种应用提供智能照明控制解决方案时拥有最大灵活性。

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