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Helvar Insights is a scalable cloud-based suite of digital services that takes advantage of data gathered from your existing commercial lighting control systems, devices and sensors. It provides intelligent insights that improve the wellbeing of users, the efficiency of your building and help achieve sustainability targets.

Lighting Control System Management

Build customer loyalty while maximising operational productivity with real-time system data and control. Check out the video below to see how you can save time and money with Helvar Insights.

Building Optimisation

Enhance your building efficiency and end-user satisfaction through our recommendations on energy, space and occupancy data. Watch the video below to see how you can optimise your building with Helvar Insights.
HELVAR INSIGHTS is a cloud-based solution for commercial lighting control systems which utilises the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. All data is stored and analysed in AWS. Integration to third-party services is possible through API.
OPTIONAL MODULES (click to read)

⬝ Lighting energy monitoring to allow energy optimisation
⬝ Automated lighting control optimisation for energy savings and improved comfort
⬝ Predictive maintenance insights reduce downtime
⬝ Occupancy predictions for HVAC optimisation

⬝ Understand how your space or your tenant’s space is used
⬝ Optimise your space to increase efficiency and productivity
⬝ Occupancy trends and utilisation analysis to make data-based business decisions

Launching 2023
⬝ Monitor and present environmental conditions with recommendations and insights on how to improve wellbeing
⬝ Personal lighting preferences to energise and increase productivity
⬝ Integrate environmental data and insights with other systems to enhance wellbeing and efficiency

(Included with all HELVAR INSIGHTS contracts)
⬝ Alert functionality gives you peace of mind that your lighting is working
⬝ Remote or local Lighting Control and optimisation save on maintenance hours
Emergency lighting tests increase maintenance efficiency
⬝ Occupancy heat maps indicate how the building is used

HELVAR INSIGHTS can be connected to Helvar Lighting Control Solutions and approved third-party devices. In addition to cloud-to-cloud integration, onsite integration to the BMS is fully supported.


Key Benefits of Helvar Insights for:

  • Installer
    Increase your peace of mind, save time and cut costs during warranty.
    Avoid unnecessary site visits and save valuable time with automated system monitoring and alerts, and act quickly when needed.
    Access any site remotely and securely to modify and improve your installation.
  • Facility Manager
    Increase your maintenance efficiency and response times.
    Spend less time on site with automated system monitoring and malfunction alerts and act quickly when really needed.
    Fix faults even before your tenants notice them, increasing their perception of maintenance quality.
    Eliminate further unnecessary visits by controlling lighting schedules and programming remotely. 
    Understand better how your building is used every day and optimise spaces with Helvar Occupancy Insights.
    Lower your energy usage and carbon footprint with Helvar Energy Insights. 
  • Building Owner/Real Estate Developer
    Optimise building efficiency, improve maintenance operations and increase your tenants experience of the building by using Helvar Insights.
    Understand better how your tenant is using the building and make business decisions based on Helvar Occupancy Insights. 
    Lower your energy usage and carbon footprint with Helvar Energy Insights.
  • Tenant
    Optimise building efficiency, increase the quality of your indoor environment and improve the experience of your most valuable asset, your employees, by using Helvar Insights.
    Understand better how your building is used every day and optimise spaces with Helvar Occupancy Insights. 
    Lower your energy usage and carbon footprint with Helvar Operating Insights.

See the short demo below!

Benefits of Helvar Insights

24/7 multi-site monitoring
A secure, server-less and modern lighting monitoring system that lets you see how all your connected sites are working. Accessible anywhere, anytime.
Control lighting via cloud
Control all lighting groups remotely using the cloud platform. Select scenes in real time or create easy-to-use online schedules. Digital lighting control, re-imagined.
Lighting Energy Monitoring
Detailed energy monitoring of the lighting system — Monitor and analyse energy usage to help achieve energy optimisation and sustainability goals.
Understand the Utilisation of your building
Occupancy Insights helps you optimise your space by analysing the utilisation of the building using existing PIR sensors and highlighting over or underutilised areas.
Prioritised alerts and auto Recommendations
Receive real-time alerts with recommended actions to help diagnose or resolve the issue.
Log histories for deeper analysis
A history of system events lets you dig into issues when needed.
Animated Occupancy Heat Maps
Animated heat maps to visualise how your staff and occupants use the building.
Easy Integration
Alerts from sites can be integrated into other systems and platforms through well documented APIs. Whatever your building management system (BMS) or FM software is, integration is possible. BMS lighting control and light monitoring made scalable.
See where the issues are
Instantly get a floorplan view of issues in the building, colour coded by severity level. You can see whether they are concentrated, and where the most critical ones are.
Save time and money on emergency lighting tests
DALI emergency reports save you time and money by completing emergency lighting tests with a click of a button.
Maximise use of existing sensors
Existing lighting control motion sensors are used to log occupancy data and create insights that help you maximise your space.
Remote Maintenance access via VPN
Remote access for maintenance teams enables centralised support and light monitoring systems over several sites at once.

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Further benefits

Helvar Insights

Occupancy insights

Occupancy Insights can help you to optimise your building space by calculating the utilisation factor of your building, different space types and individual areas. 
Data is presented in an easy-to-read dashboard and uses the sensors already in the Helvar lighting control system, meaning no need for additional IoT devices. 
The intelligence of Occupancy Insights transforms movement sensor data into useable utilisation factor insights that will help you optimise your space to suit new ways of working. 
Remote monitoring

Lighting Energy Monitoring

Helvar Insights monitors energy use from your Helvar lighting control system. The simple dashboard allows you to analyse lighting energy usage in the whole building and space types, such as, meeting rooms or in single spaces.
Energy monitoring brings awareness, highlights areas for improvement and allows you to confirm that energy-saving projects are achieving their goals by providing the data to back up the return on investment. It can also help with energy efficiency certification and ESG reporting. 

Rock-solid security

Is it safe to connect your site? Absolutely.
From collection to storage, all your data is fully encrypted.
Helvar Insights uses AWS, built to satisfy the security requirements of military, banking and highly sensitive organisations.
Only authorised and authenticated users can gain entry.
While we provide the service, it’s your data. You own it.
Download our Security & Data Privacy
Time is Money

Upgrading? Make the best even better.

You’ve invested in world-class lighting controls. You want to keep them in first-class condition.
Upgrade your existing commercial lighting control systems to benefit from Helvar Insights.
You’ll have access to system information 24/7. So you’ll know
if something ever goes wrong.
Making it easy to deal with the most common issues and cutting down the need for callout journeys.

Emergency Lighting Testing

Save time and money on manual testing by scheduling automatic emergency tests within the Helvar Insights platform, whether you’re working with a wired (DALI) or a wireless (ActiveAhead) system.
View full reports through an archive that details performance for each device. Failed devices are listed at the top, along with the reason for failure. Send reports by email to relevant contacts.

Helvar Insights in action

Ramboll Case Study

Helvar Insights installed at Ramboll head office in Espoo, Finland. With the collection of occupancy data among other things, Ramboll can understand how their building is being used in line with their smart building ambition.

Hospital Nova Case Study

With Helvar Insights, Hospital Nova can analyse their occupancy data created by the sensors in every space of their building and turn that into an understanding of how their building is used.

Fastems Case Study

Fastems wanted to collect data about how their building is being used. The building benefits from Helvar Insights, allowing Fastems to review and adapt the usage of their space by analysing data from the Helvar sensor network. 

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