The Upper Silesian Pantheon

Katowice, Poland

Preserving Legacy: Illuminating Upper Silesian Pantheon with Helvar’s Lighting Solutions

The Upper Silesian Pantheon in Katowice is a cultural institution with the objective of showcasing not just the region’s abundant economic but also its social heritage as a valuable component of the Republic of Poland. 

Over the course of the last century, the history of Upper Silesia will be narrated through the life stories and accomplishments of its most prominent figures, including Silesian insurgents, victims of totalitarian regimes, individuals from the Church, and distinguished representatives of the realms of science, culture, and sports.
Lighting controls have a profound impact on the atmosphere, visitor experience, and conservation efforts within cultural landmark buildings like the Upper Silesian Pantheon. For this space, DALI controls can be programmed to adjust lighting schemes to suit different activities and installations. This adaptability ensures that lighting enhances ambience and visibility for each specific function, perfectly showcasing the focal points throughout the space.

Key facts

Project completed: 2022
Project location: Katowice, Poland

Implemented by: HC Center

Katowice, Poland