Náchod Hospital

Náchod, Czech Republic

Revitalising Náchod Hospital: A Shining Example of Integrated Lighting Excellence

Náchod hospital, which was honoured with the title of Building of the Year in 2021, serves as a healthcare hub for a catchment area encompassing over 200,000 residents, extending to 250,000 individuals in specialised care.

Presently, it stands as the largest regional hospital in the Hradec Kralové Region, with a reconstruction cost of CZK 1.34 billion. Newly appointed rooms and state-of-the-art operating theatres stand ready to accommodate patients. Notably, this modernisation project, which included the construction of new pavilions J and K, was executed seamlessly while the other pavilions remained in full operation.
DNA Central Europe s.r.o. was entrusted with the installation of the Helvar lighting control system, complemented by the Awex emergency lighting system, for Náchod Hospital. The integration of both these systems addresses the unique lighting requirements inherent to hospitals, catering to the needs of medical staff as well as patients, thereby ensuring the overall well-being of all users. Moreover, these healthcare facilities experience high foot traffic, making the selection of an energy-efficient lighting control system imperative. The combination of Helvar DIGIDIM and IMAGINE systems adeptly fulfils these multifaceted requirements.
Regarding the emergency lighting system, subject to stringent regulatory standards, DNA Central Europe s.r.o. implemented the CBS Awex system. This system was enhanced with the inclusion of state-of-the-art pictogram luminaires and Lovato anti-panic luminaires. Our comprehensive lighting control system not only ensures optimal lighting but also guarantees emergency lighting for the utmost safety of Náchod Hospital’s occupants.

Key facts

Project completed: 2020
Project location: Náchod, Czech Republic
Contractor: Government contract, Geosan Group a.s.
Architect: Jika – CZ s.r.o.
Construction company: BAK stavební společnost a.s.
Náchod, Czech Republic