Mercedes-Benz Showroom Belgrade


Elevated Illumination:
Transforming the Mercedes-Benz Showroom in Belgrade

Renowned for its luxury and elegance, Mercedes-Benz epitomises brilliance, quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction worldwide. In order to create a captivating visual experience for showroom visitors, lighting plays a vital role by both illuminating the space adequately and accentuating the showcased products.
Helvar partner, BUCK Lighting, undertook the prestigious task of implementing a cutting-edge lighting solution that aligned with Mercedes-Benz’s global MAR2020 concept, ensuring every aspect met the exacting requirements and standards set by the esteemed brand.


Meeting MAR2020 Standards
The meticulous project approval process involved numerous checks, from local designers to final scrutiny by Daimler. Once all the necessary authorisations were obtained, the team embarked on translating the MAR2020 lighting concept into reality at the Mercedes-Benz facility in Belgrade, Serbia. BUCK Lighting’s objective was to recreate the concept with their luminaires, ensuring compliance with the precise specifications in various aspects, including appearance, colour, dimensions, arrangement, power, flux, light beam angles, and temperature.
To achieve the desired lighting effects and maintain aesthetic appeal, BUCK Lighting incorporated their high-performance luminaires, including the ASTERISK, Micro MD, and Screen models. The ASTERISK luminaire, with its exceptional optical and energy efficiency, served as built-in downlighters, providing direct lighting to enhance the ambiance of business premises and reception areas. Featuring a clean, reduced design with strict glare control, this luminaire seamlessly integrated into the architectural elements, while its minimal height allowed for easy installation even in spaces with limited ceiling depth. The superb optics, courtesy of Bartembach, further elevated its elegance, resembling the iconic three-pointed star—a symbol synonymous with the Mercedes-Benz brand.


Intuitive Control System
Ensuring maximum customer satisfaction, BUCK Lighting installed a user-friendly control system in the showroom, empowering visitors to adjust the light levels according to their preferences and desired ambiance. Helvar’s state-of-the-art products, including the 135W digidim Modular Panel with 4 scenes, Off + Up/Down (7 buttons), the 230S SG white plastic plate with grid, and the 905 Routers, facilitated seamless control and customisation, enabling customers to enjoy an optimal experience while exploring, observing, and purchasing their dream Mercedes-Benz vehicle.
By successfully implementing the MAR2020 lighting concept, BUCK Lighting illuminated the Mercedes-Benz showroom in Belgrade, adhering to the high standards demanded by the esteemed brand. Beyond energy efficiency, the modern LED lighting solution significantly reduces maintenance costs, as LEDs boast a lifespan up to five times longer than conventional lighting sources. With a bespoke lighting solution and BUCK Lighting’s innovative luminaires, all visitors to the showroom can revel in the captivating presence of luxurious Mercedes-Benz models, accentuated in the most alluring manner. Moreover, the installed equipment’s extended service life and minimised maintenance costs ensure that the required company standards set by the MAR2020 concept are met comprehensively, guaranteeing long-term satisfaction for Mercedes-Benz and its esteemed clientele.