Sensi Azores Nature & Spa

Azores, Portugal

Enhancing natural beauty with lighting controls

Sensi Azores, a converted traditional farm complex in a serene natural setting, underwent a meticulous refurbishment to create a captivating hospitality experience. With a focus on preserving the original features while infusing contemporary elements, the lighting design played a pivotal role in enhancing the ambience and functionality of the space. Helvar’s comprehensive lighting control solution, implemented by long-standing Partner in Portugal, JFS Sistemas de Iluminaçao e Imagem, brought forth a harmonious blend of comfort and energy efficiency.

The utilisation of advanced lighting controls provided numerous benefits for the Sensi Azores project. Firstly, it ensured a relaxing and comfortable environment that immerses guests in a sensory journey while connecting them with the surrounding nature. Secondly, the lighting controls offered flexibility and ease of use, allowing for effortless adjustments to match different moods and activities. Additionally, the energy-saving capabilities of the lighting control system aligned with Sensi Azores’ commitment to sustainability and their application for a green building hotel certification.
Helvar DALI LED Drivers were employed in both indoor and outdoor luminaires, enabling precise control and seamless integration. The integration of Helvar 910 and 905 Imagine Routers, in conjunction with Helvar 454 four-channel transistor dimmers and Helvar DIGIDIM 498 8-channel relay units, ensured comprehensive control over the common areas. This included the spa, bar, restaurant, and circulation lighting, where automated lighting schedules tailored to opening hours and time of day ensured optimal comfort, safety, and energy savings.
For the guest rooms, a sophisticated lighting control solution was implemented. A Helvar 16xxx Control Panel served as the central control interface, offering customised scenes to create the desired ambiance. Additionally, four Helvar 444 Mini Input Units integrated into wall panels provided independent control over specific lights, such as reading and bedside lamps. This personalised control allowed guests to tailor the lighting to their preferences, enhancing their overall experience.
To further elevate the guest experience, innovative features were integrated into the lighting controls. The Helvar Touch Studio software enabled central control of the lighting system through a computer or various other devices. A unique function was programmed to deactivate automatic scene calling during specific events, eliminating the need for manual programming or technical intervention. A dedicated ‘late check-in’ scenario was designed to guide guests from the parking area to their rooms with a welcoming lighting scene triggered by inserting the key card.
Sensi Azores exemplifies the successful integration of intelligent lighting controls within a refined hospitality setting. This cutting-edge solution enriches the overall experience for guests. The lighting controls not only enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the space but also contribute to energy savings and sustainability efforts.

Key facts

Project completed: 2020
Project location: Ginetes, S. Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal
Lighting Specification, Supply and Commissioning: JFS Sistemas de Iluminaçao e Imagem
Lighting Design: Joana Forjaz
Installer: Fernando Silva, Turkampere
Azores, Portugal