The Leela Palace Bangalore

Bangalore, India

Elevating Elegance: Seamless Lighting Transformation at The Leela Palace

The successful completion of The Leela Palace, Bangalore encompassed both an extension and a renovation, presenting a unique challenge for the hotel: maintaining seamless day-to-day operations while ensuring minimal disruption to guests. As a distinguished brand known for hosting global events with esteemed dignitaries, The Leela Palace and Helvar’s partner in India, EVIO PVT LTD understood the paramount importance of adhering rigorously to the on-field execution schedule to prevent potential delays. 

The hotel’s ambiance is enriched by a multitude of chandeliers and decorative lights, all controlled through a blend of traditional dimming methods including 1-10V dimming and Phase Cut dimming.
To enhance this sophisticated lighting system, we introduced Helvar’s cutting-edge 458 Professional Series dimmers, renowned for delivering flawless and smooth dimming performance devoid of any flickers. The meticulous selection of components included:
  • 15 Helvar 920 Imagine Router units
  • 10 4-channel thyristor dimmers
  • 40 8-channel Thyristor dimmer module 458 DIM units
  • 23 8-scene and modifier panel 939 units
Having witnessed Helvar’s solutions in action during a prior collaboration in 2012, the hotel was convinced of the exceptional ease of operation and remarkably low maintenance costs over the ensuing 10 years. These attributes played a pivotal role in reaffirming Helvar as the brand of choice for the 2022-23 extension and renovation project.

“Helvar delivers the simplest lighting control solution with minimal hardware. This helped us to complete our field work much faster and deliver the project before the stipulated project timeline.”

Key facts

Project completed: 2023
Project location: Bangalore, India
Contractor: Evio Private Limited
Applications: Hotel Public Area Lighting Control
Sold and commissioned by: Evio Private Limited
Bangalore, India