SBB-P 用于照明控制感应器的安装盒

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Extends the line length and power limitations of a standard DALI installation
  • 产品家族: Imagine, DIGIDIM, RoomSet
  • Extends the maximum DALI line length from 300 m to 600 m and provides additional 250 mA current (DALI -OUT side)
  • DALI messages are unfiltered
  • 适用于使用DALI 电源供应
  • Includes strain relief for remote installation
Compact, DALI-compatible Power Supply Unit
  • Provides a DALI system with the required supply of up to 64 mA
  • Fits inside DIN, UK and similar backboxes
  • Ideal companion for ILLUSTRIS panel in single room lighting control applications
Allows for surface mounting of compatible Helvar lighting control sensors
  • 产品家族: Imagine, DIGIDIM
  • Surface mounting box
  • Supplied with retaining screws to lock the enlosure.
  • 附件