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HELVAR ACTIVEAHEAD® is a truly intelligent and scalable wireless lighting control solution.

Its unique self-learning capabilities provide ultimate efficiency in setup and operations. As the world’s first wireless self-learning lighting control system, Helvar ActiveAhead will continuously learn and generate insights, maximising positive impact on wellbeing and optimising your ever-evolving building. This is the perfect solution for offices, warehouses, stairways and parking garages.

Introducing Helvar ActiveAhead Node Advanced:
Intelligence of ActiveAhead Combined with the Benefits of DALI

Helvar brings a new level of scalability to its award-winning intelligent wireless lighting control solution ActiveAhead, through an upgrade to ActiveAhead Node Advanced. The upgrade has resulted in the ability to connect and control individual DALI luminaires and selected DALI devices such as sensors and relays.
With these additions, the benefits and the easiness of ActiveAhead can be brought to new application areas such as warehouses, new types of offices, and retail, as well as use cases utilising DALI addressing.
Helvar ActiveAhead – Setup Demonstration
Helvar’s Wireless Director Matti Vesterinen demonstrates with a demo case how flexibly and easily an ActiveAhead® control system can be setup.

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System Overview
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Case study:
Read more about the intelligent and highly flexible lighting solution at Unipro, which enables easy modifications to accommodate any future needs.

Truly Intelligent Wireless Lighting Control

Ramboll - self-learning ActiveAhead wireless lighting

Self-learning with enhanced comfort

Wirelessly networked ActiveAhead Nodes use a smart algorithm to learn how the space is used. The luminaires collect data from their own sensors as well as from the other luminaires which surround them. They also respond to the amount of natural light in the space.
Due to its intelligence, the lighting level remains optimal for the user and it continuously adapts to possible changes.
ActiveAhead - Wireless Lighting Controls at Ramboll Office

Energy efficient buildings

Compared to an LED-based switched luminaire, ActiveAhead takes comfort to a totally new level while offering substantial energy savings.
In addition to increasing the lights in a predictive manner, the Nodes dim the lights in a smart way depending on the space usage, thus helping to save energy.
ActiveAhead Rendering - Wireless Lighting Control System

Simple and fast installation

Luminaires fitted with ActiveAhead are extremely easy to install. Just fix the luminaires to their intended position and switch on the mains. No control wiring, programming or configuration is needed.
Optional customisation and grouping is possible using the ActiveAhead mobile app. Continuous learning means that the system adjusts lighting automatically, without the need for any manual re-configuration.

Emergency Lighting Testing

ActiveAhead supports DALI Part 202 Self-contained emergency devices. This means that such devices can be connected and tested with the ActiveAhead solution.
Testing reports are created and can be exported from the system. In addition to supporting emergency lighting testing and reporting, an alarm signal can be brought to the system to keep the lights on during an emergency. Learn more.

See ActiveAhead in practice!

Ramboll Case Study

The self-learning, future-proof wireless lighting control solution ActiveAhead was selected for Ramboll Headquarters to cover the office floors. It is also used throughout the parking garage, providing impressive energy savings. There are a total of around 3000 ActiveAhead Control Units installed on-site.

YIT Case Study

The easy installation, setup and flexibility of the ActiveAhead solution was greatly appreciated by YIT, which is why they chose ActiveAhead also for the second part of their headquarters renovation.
Smart Wireless Lighting Controls at Wartsila HQ

Wärtsilä Case Study

The Wärtsilä Campus is equipped with the world’s first artificial intelligence-based wireless lighting control system, ActiveAhead. Wärtsilä selected this self-learning, future-proof solution as they wanted all of their building systems to include state-of-the-art technology.

ActiveAhead – ideal for renovation and new-build projects

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ActiveAhead – ideal for renovation and new-build projects

ActiveAhead video library

Truly Intelligent Wireless Lighting Solution

Find out why self-learning ActiveAhead is the ultimate wireless lighting control solution!

Always looking, always learning

Want to know more about self-learning Helvar ActiveAhead in open-plan areas?

How to configure ActiveAhead in a Parking Garage

This super simple step-by-step guide shows just how easy and fast it is to configure ActiveAhead using the ActiveAhead app!

How to setup ActiveTune personal lighting control

With the Helvar ActiveTune solution space users can tune the light above their desk using a mobile app. This video shows how quick it is to pair an ActiveAhead luminaire with an ActiveTune sticker using the ActiveAhead mobile app.

How to use network level operations in ActiveAhead

ActiveAhead Nodes reside in the one same network, making it possible to target the whole network or parts of it. This video shows how to take advantage of network level operations using the ActiveAhead mobile app.

How to setup corridor hold function in ActiveAhead

The corridor hold function keeps lights in a group on while another group is active. This video shows how easy and fast it is to activate corridor hold using the ActiveAhead mobile app.

Installing Helvar ActiveAhead Enabled Luminaires

Installing ActiveAhead Ready Luminaires is easy and quick. Here you can watch the recommended sensor positioning for optimal sensor operation. PDF

Helvar ActiveAhead – Setup Demonstration

Helvar’s Wireless Director Matti Vesterinen demonstrates with a demo case how flexibly and easily an ActiveAhead® control system can be setup.

10 benefits of choosing ActiveAhead

Explore the unique benefits of Helvar ActiveAhead and transform your space today! The video features footage from Helvar case studies: Bravida, YIT, Ramboll, Wärtsilä.

How to configure a meeting room with Helvar ActiveAhead Node Advanced

Helvar ActiveAhead Node Advanced allows you to configure a meeting room with DALI luminaires and DALI devices of your choice. This video goes through the entire meeting room configuration process including settings, wall panel setup and corridor hold functionality.

ActiveAhead – Choose your setup

Choosing the right setup for your project is easy. Based on the space and luminaire types, select the Node and the corresponding suitable LED Driver. Where applicable, simply choose the sensor and a possible holder for it. For spaces such as meeting rooms, add the wireless control panel and you’re good to go. If necessary, fine-tune the configuration on-site using the ActiveAhead mobile app.

1 Choose your Node

5634 ActiveAhead Node Sense
Combines radio, processor, multi-sensor and connecting cable all into one small powerful ActiveAhead Node.
Product page
Circular holder


5652 ActiveAhead Node
Small, powerful, self-learning ActiveAhead Node to build into a luminaire.
Product page

5609 ActiveAhead Node Advanced
Extends ActiveAhead capabilities to standard DALI luminaires. It also supports Helvar DALI system sensors offering flexible installations based on the space needs. Super easy to install e.g. in the ceiling.
Product page

ActiveAhead Nodes
Always looking, always learning. ActiveAhead Nodes communicate with each other through Bluetooth Mesh network, predicting where light is needed next. An ActiveAhead Node starts learning from the moment it’s powered up and it never stops.

2 Choose your Driver

Helvar ActiveAhead Freedom LED Drivers

ActiveAhead Freedom LED Drivers
The selection of Freedom LED Drivers are optimised to work with the ActiveAhead Node Sense and ActiveAhead Node.
Product page

Helvar DALI LED Drivers

DALI LED Drivers
Helvar DALI LED Drivers are designed to be energy efficient, long lasting and high quality.
Product page

5610 ActiveAhead Adapter DA
Allows standard DALI LED drivers to be used with ActiveAhead Node Sense and ActiveAhead Node.
Product page

ActiveAhead Drivers – Freedom or DALI
The Helvar LED Driver offering is designed for energy efficient, long lasting, high quality and professional lighting applications. When selecting a DALI system, you can bring your DALI light fittings into an ActiveAhead network to give them the power to learn and predict.

3 Choose your Sensor

Work with ActiveAhead Node and ActiveAhead Node Advanced products. ActiveAhead Node Sense has inbuilt sensors.


Indoor Sensor
Small and capable — and easily mounted inside the light fitting — ActiveAhead with PIR motion and light sensing doesn’t need a separate power supply.
Product page
Circular sensor holder
Rectangular sensor holder


Outdoor Sensor
This luminaire-mounted IP65-rated Sensor takes ActiveAhead outdoors.
Product page

Control Panel

Stick on and start
With no wires or cables, this optional self-powered Panel sticks straight to the wall and is ideal for meeting rooms. It speaks to ActiveAhead Nodes, so you can select from four different lighting scenes.
Product page

ActiveTune Personal Lighting

Set the lights at your desk how you like them or for the job you’re doing. You can save your light settings and access them through the ActiveTune App. Download the free app, scan the QR code on your desk and get the right light for you.
Product page


Mobile App

Easy to customise
ActiveAhead’s beauty is that it learns by itself – but you can tell it what to do too! Install the ActiveAhead Mobile App, and with just a tap, you’re in charge.
Product page

Helvar ActiveAhead App

Helvar ActiveHeat Thermostat

Intelligent Thermostat
Helvar ActiveHeat is a smart and easy-to-use energy saving thermostat. The Thermostat listens to ActiveAhead Nodes and toggles between ECO and Comfort temperatures according to the actual nearby space occupancy.
Product page

Transform your space with intelligent lighting today.

Helvar collaborates with selected leading Luminaire Manufacturers. Self-learning AI-based ActiveAhead solution can be easily integrated into almost any luminaires – placed inside or outside of the light fittings. Find out more

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