Vejle Hospital – Intensive Care Unit

Vejle, Denmark

Supporting patient recovery when it matters most

The intensive care unit (ICU) A710 at Vejle Hospital is responsible for providing diagnostics, treatment, and care to patients requiring constant monitoring and specialised treatment. To improve the environment for both patients and staff, Vejle Hospital collaborated with long-term Helvar Partner, Vanpee A/S to implement a Helvar DALI lighting control system. This case study explores the successful integration of the lighting control system and highlights its impact on user satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Vanpee supplied and programmed the Helvar DALI lighting control system for ICU A710. The lighting system is primarily controlled by Helvar Imagine 910 routers installed in patient rooms, offices, and control rooms. Two ILLUSTRIS panels, a blue Helvar ILLUSTRIS panel with emergency scenes and an ILLUSTRIS panel for various scenes – such as ‘normal,’ ‘treatment,’ ‘night,’ and ‘cleaning’ – allow staff to operate the lighting with ease. The ILLUSTRIS 2XXHL is a control panel which can be sealed with silicone gasket to IP44 level. This means the panel can withstand frequent cleaning with strong liquid detergents, making it perfect for clinical environments, and the ideal choice for spaces which require regular cleaning.
User satisfaction and feedback were prioritised throughout the project. In June 2021, a follow-up meeting was held with deputy manager Ellen Thomsen, specialised nurse Gitte Høj, and ward nurse Sanne Lauridsen. The input from the nursing staff played a vital role in tailoring the lighting solution to meet their specific needs. Through a collaborative dialogue on functionality and adjustments, the lighting system was customised to enhance the experience for both staff and patients.
This DALI DT8 lighting control technology enables adjustments in both brightness and colour temperatures ranging from 2700K to 6500K. Changing colour temperature through lighting controls can have a significant impact on an intensive care ward in a hospital. Here are some key impacts:
Patient Wellbeing: Colour temperature plays a crucial role in establishing a comfortable and healing environment for patients. By adjusting the colour temperature, the lighting can replicate natural daylight, fostering a sense of calmness and aiding in the regulation of patients’ circadian rhythms. This positively influences their mood, sleep patterns, and overall wellbeing while in the ICU.
Staff Productivity and Alertness: Lighting with adjustable colour temperature can assist staff in maintaining their alertness and productivity levels. During critical tasks like procedures or examinations, cooler colour temperatures (higher Kelvin values) can provide brighter and more focused light, enabling better visibility and concentration. Conversely, warmer colour temperatures can be used during quieter periods, creating a relaxed and soothing atmosphere for both patients and staff.
Visual Comfort: The ability to alter colour temperature allows for personalised lighting preferences. Some patients may find warmer lighting more soothing and comforting, while others may prefer cooler lighting. By accommodating individual preferences, the lighting control system can enhance patient comfort and satisfaction, potentially contributing to faster recovery times.
The successful integration of the Helvar DALI lighting control system at Vejle Hospital’s ICU A710 has significantly enhanced user satisfaction and operational efficiency. The implementation of customisable lighting scenes and the provision of a future-proof solution have further solidified the positive impact of the new lighting control system. This case study serves as an example of how technology integration, user involvement, and attention to user satisfaction can lead to significant improvements in healthcare environments.

Key facts

Project completed: 2021
Project location: Vejle, Denmark
Lighting controls: Vanpee A/S
LED luminaires: SG Armaturen A/S
Installer: Kemp & Lauritzen A/S
Vejle, Denmark